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Skin Care Stocking Stuffers Everyone Will Love!

Skin Care Stocking StuffersNeed help finding a last-minute skin care stocking stuffer for a loved one?

Dr. Bailey Skin Care has perfect last-minute stocking stuffers, perfect for everyone! Whether it is for your parents, siblings, partners, or friends, skin care is essential for everyone. The skin is the largest organ in your body and the first defense against the harmful elements and germs. Often some of the worst infections come from breaks in the skin barrier, which happens more often when your skin is dry and cracked due to the winter weather. Here are some great and affordable skin care stocking stuffers for protecting your loved ones' skin. Sneak a skin care stocking stuffer for yourself too; nothing wrong with a little self-spoiling!

Dr. Bailey's Favorite Skin Care Stocking Stuffers

Hand Skin Care Stocking Stuffers

One of the most common complaints in winter is chapped hands. Hand moisturizers require special hydrating elements that target the more unique skin structure of the hands. Dr. Bailey's highly moisturizing Dry Skin Hand Cream or all-time favorite Bag Balm used originally by dairy farmers are the best for dry hands and split fingernails. best dry skin hand cream for Skin Care Stocking Stuffers

Bag Balm 1 oz best hand moisturizer for extremely chapped hands

Affordable Skin Care Applicators and Tools

$5 Dollar Skin Care Tools Not only are the ingredients of skin care products important, but so are the ways we apply skin care products! Application is half the battle. The Buf Puf Facial Sponge and Body Sponge help exfoliate the face and body respectively to help remove dead skin cells and to help skin care products penetrate more deeply. The Salux Wash Cloth is an office favorite skin exfoliator that helps you cleanse those "hard-to-reach" places. bufpuf_face_v2_wm buf puf body sponge for exfoliation Salux Cloth             $12-and-under Skin Care Applicators and Tools The Scalp Scrubber is one of the most effective ways to properly cleanse your scalp and control dandruff issues. Similar to the Salux Wash Cloth, the Back Applicator, another office favorite, assists you in applying lotion for those "hard-to-reach" places. We can't help but love these handy and elegant tool solutions! a great plastic scalp scrubber brush


All Natural Moisturizers for the Face and Body Stocking Stuffer

Deeply hydrating hypoallergenic moisturizers are a perfect way to restore dry skin to its supple, hydrated texture. Choose either All Natural Face and Body Butter Cream for dry to normal skin or All Natural Face, Hand and Body Lotion for normal to oily skin. best vegan Natural Face and Body Butter Creamvegan All Natural Face, Hand and Body Lotion

Skin Care Stocking Stuffers for Sun Protection

If you have read any of Dr. Bailey's earlier blog posts, you know sun protection is a year-round necessity for your skin health. The rays that typically cause skin cancer, UVA rays, are the same intensity all day long, from sunrise to sunset, in cloudy or clear weather. Dr. Bailey always stresses the importance of wearing sunscreen every day, even during the winter months when the sun may seem less intense. Below are affordable sunblock stocking stuffers suitable for all skin types: Citrix (Dr. Bailey's favorite), Solbar for both face and body, and Liptect for your sensitive lips. Citrix Sunscreenbest sunscreensun protection products              

Dr. Bailey Skin Care Stocking Stuffers: Mineral Makeup

Makeup is always a good "fall back" for stocking stuffers. Dr. Bailey's mineral makeup is perfect for those who love makeup and want only the best ingredients or want a simple all natural look. Check out the variety of colors Dr. Bailey has for her both her Loose Powder Eye Shadows and Baked Mineral Trio Eye Shadow. Dr. Bailey's Loose Mineral Blush matches most skin tones with warm apricot or soft pink accents. dermatologist recommended best natural mineral makeupbest all natural mineral makeup eye shadowmineral makeup blush           There are a variety of options sure to please your loved ones in Dr. Bailey's recommended skin care stocking stuffers. Everyone deserves to look radiant this holiday season and skin care is the best way to brighten your face and skin! If you're looking for holiday gifts, check out our holiday sale featuring special skin care collections with huge savings. What are your favorite skin care stocking stuffers? Share your thoughts below! Photo attribution: Thanks and gratitude to © James Lightbown/cultura/Corbis