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Skin Care is Self-Care – Nurture Yourself This Mother’s Day

Skin Care is Self-Care – Nurture Yourself This Mother’s Day

It's Time to Nurture You!

Your skin care is self-care. Your routine is a daily ritual of nurturing your skin which is the biggest organ on/in your physical body.

Caring well for your skin is part of caring well for yourself.

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This Mother’s Day, whether you have mothered human children or other precious entities – your partner, your pets, your community, the environment, a garden or something else – I invite you to channel your internal mothering energy towards a look at your skin care ritual.

Do you feel nurtured by it?

Do you do it out of habit, anxiety, or because you “should”?

Think about that for a moment.

How does your skin care ritual feel?  

How about in the shower?

Do you shower in a rush, or do you mindfully cleanse, shave, shampoo and do what’s done in there with pleasure and ease?

In the morning, how do you feel about your facial care routine?

If you are a man, do you shave or trim a beard, and then what?

Rush out or take a few moments to apply a few products that you feel good about with confidence that they will tend well to your skin over the next 12 hours. These are products that correct skin problems, hydrate to maintain healthy skin barrier and protect from sun damage.

Does your skin look and feel good all day as you touch your face or catch a glimpse of it in the mirror?

If you are a woman, do you have complex feelings about the morning skin care ritual?

In my experience and observation, we often do. Some of our inner feelings about skin care is mind chatter, and some of it is self-care treasure. Some is even creative, like makeup and brighteners.

What do you want your morning skin care ritual to feel like?

How about in the evening?

Is your skin care routine nurturing you?

Complete skin care, done in the morning and evening, involves 4 Steps for a logical reason.

Does your version of these steps feel good and is your skin feeling good, too?

The 4 Skin Care Steps are: cleanse, correct, hydrate and protect. From the perspective of the morning and evening:

doctor's advice for complete skin care for rosaceaIn the morning we:

1. Cleanse to remove the nights sebum and evening-product residue. 

Cleansing with a scrub or facial sponge will also remove some of the dead cells to help brighten skin tone for the day.

2. Correct with products applied on freshly cleansed skin.

This aids absorption.

Do you have the right products that address your skin issues?

A serum that plumps and holds water to create a youthful dewy skin tone, acne treatment products to help fight pimples and blackheads, antioxidant products to calm inflammation and mitigate free-radical damage, a product that helps to stimulate collagen or resist the signs of skin aging, and more.

What is on your “wish list” that you would you like to thoughtfully accomplish this year with your complexion?

3. Hydrate to balance skin dryness.

This helps to maintain skin barrier health. Moisturizers do this. They may utilize lipid/oil ingredients or not depending on your skin type. Also, they often have moisture-locking ingredients like glycerin or hyaluronic acid. Really, that’s all they need to do – hold moisture.

“Magic” ingredients are fun. But most importantly, your moisturizer should feel to you the same way a drink of water does when you are thirsty – one that quenches your skin’s thirst for the next 12 hours.

4. Protect your skin from sun damage.

Sun is the cause of many skin problems – hyperpigmentation, wrinkling, cutaneous immune suppression, triggering rosacea, etc. You need to love your sunscreen so that you want to use it daily.

Sunscreens can make or break how you feel about your morning skin care routine. The texture and feel of your sunscreen needs to perfectly match how you want your skin to look and feel.

If you have oily skin, you want a lightweight product or even a matte one that will absorb oil over the day. If you have drier skin, you may want a sunscreen that augments your skin’s hydration.

Do you want a tinted product or a clear product?

And, your sunscreen should never sting. Some do. Treat yourself to the perfect sunscreen. I find this makes all the difference is upping the “nurture” quotient in a morning skin ritual.

Do you wear makeup?

If so, it goes on top of the sunscreen. It is NOT the sunscreen because your goals with makeup are purely aesthetic. Don’t confuse the two; sunscreen is for protection, and makeup is to creatively build a look.

Sunscreen is dosed and must be applied with the singular goal of protection. Makeup is singularly applied for aesthetics. Separate these steps.

Yes, some tinted sunscreens double as makeup. BUT, they are sunscreens first, and you have to apply the right amount. I recommend dusting mineral powder on top of tinted sunscreens or use a foundation on top of your sunscreen.

In the evening we:

1. Cleanse to remove the day’s product residue and sebum.

This aids in absorbing nighttime correcting products.

2. Correct skin problems without concern for how a product looks or feels.

It’s a time to really think about goals for skin health. A deeply-hydrating facial oil, which may be too shiny for day-use is a great night product. Ingredients that are light sensitive such as retinoids are also applied at night. Acne products with sticky consistencies, but that have great efficacy, are also best applied at night.

3. Hydrate.

This ensures that when we wake up, our skin is ready for the day – barrier integrity well-cared for while we slept.

4. Protect. We skip this; the sun is down.


Sunday is Mother’s Day – a day to celebrate nurturing – received from our mother, given to those we mother and mothering ourselves, in my opinion ?

My team is planning a nice sale event for Mother’s Day. Keep your eyes open, and consider treating yourself. Fill the gaps in your skin care routine to help you feel well nurtured by it – I want you to love caring well for your body’s biggest organ.

Happy Mother’s Day to the mother in all of us.

Stay tuned for our special sale coming up on Mother’s Day. In the meantime, read more about sun protection to avoid melanoma here.