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Skin Care Changes for Spring

Skin Care Changes for Spring

Is Your Complexion Ready for the New Season?

Spring skin care

Spring officially arrives March 20th, and that means warmer, more humid weather… and more time spent outdoors.

This season brings thoughts of changing our wardrobes to lighter clothing, cleaning out the old with the new and seeing fresh blossoms form over the next few weeks.

But, it’s also the perfect time to update your skin care routine.

For example…

  • What do your feet look like?

If you’ve been hiding your feet in warm socks and boots, they are probably in need of some tender-loving care.

Dry, dehumidified air can cause your heels to crack and create a build-up of crusty scale on your skin. (Yuck!)

Take a look at your feet.

Are they ready for sandals and going barefoot in the warmer weeks ahead?

  • What’s going on with your back?

When was the last time you looked at your back in the mirror?

Over the last few months of wearing warm clothing, it’s time to shed all of the layers and show more skin. If you suffer from back acne and are tired of covering it up, take action now for healthier, clearer skin.

  • Does your skin have a fine layer of chalky white scale that makes it look dull?

Create a springtime glow, instead! Get rid of dry, dead skin cells with the appropriate exfoliation, moisture and skin care routine. Then, watch your true complexion come out of hiding!

  • What does your skin touch when you clean?

You might not think about this, but your skin can easily come into contact with allergens lurking in your spring-cleaning supplies. Those sprays, cleansers, soaps, and more can spread numerous chemicals that irritate your skin without your knowledge!

With this in mind, be sure to look at the ingredients in any products you plan to use before the cleaning begins. After all, no one likes a surprise reaction from “secret” chemicals allergens.

Help is On the Way for Great Spring Skin

If you checked your skin (especially your feet and back) and cleaning supplies and are not ready for warmer weather, we are here to help!

Our team has put together a group of some of my favorite products in Spring Bundles that will help you have healthier skin in the next, few weeks. Plus, you’ll save money, and you can feel confident using safe products free of allergens and unnecessary chemicals.

Want to learn more and get ready for the season? 

Check out our Spring Skin Care Bundles here.

Also, watch my video in celebration of Spring!