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Serious Anti Aging Skin Care; The Winning Strategy

Serious Anti Aging Skin Care; The Winning Strategy

Make big improvements in your skin’s appearance by starting your anti-aging skin care treatments now because

it’s a race to get as much skin treatment done before next summer’s sun.

This article is the first of a two part series on today's best anti aging skin care.  The second post summarizes today's best anti aging procedures; technology for amazing and fast results. It's a fact: fall, winter and spring are the best times to get serious about treating your
  • wrinkles,
  • age spots,
  • hyperpigmentation from melasma,
  • acne scars and acne skin discoloration,
  • sun damaged skin,
  • general skin aging.
To make a real improvement in your skin's appearance, use only the best anti-aging skin care products or treatment systems and create a strategy that has the maximal benefits for your particular skin problems.  Start using the products now to get as much treatment in before your outdoors again next summer.

The best anti-wrinkle face creams available today to lighten age spots and rejuvenate the appearance of your skin:

Obagi Skin Care Products: Specifically the Obagi Nu Derm System for facial skin rejuvenation treatment. I personally use Obagi Nu Derm for 3 months every fall.  This prescription skin care system should be medically supervised because the Obagi Nu Derm kit contains prescription Retin A and prescription strength hydroquinone skin bleaching cream.  These prescription skin care creams are used together with the other kit products that enhance penetration of the active ingredient into your skin for maximal skin lightening. See how I advise my patients to use the Obagi Nu Derm kit to maximize their results. (There’s also the Obagi Decolletage System to treat the delicate chest skin too.) In my practice patients need a consultation with one of our dermatologists to begin Obagi skin care products since they include prescription skin care ingredients. Retin A Cream (tretinoin) is the best collagen building anti-wrinkle cream of all. It also lightens age spots and brightens the complexion.  This prescription face cream powerfully exfoliates the skin as it treat wrinkles and age spots. Because exfoliation makes your skin more sun sensitive, you'll want to use the time between summers to really get serious with your Retin A treatment.  See the Retin A use instructions that I give to my patient to maximize their success with Retin A. In my practice, prescription Retin A treatment is supervised by our dermatologists. Glycolic acid anti-wrinkle face creams can powerfully brighten your complexion, lighten hyperpigmentation from age and sun spots, and soften wrinkles.  Glycolic acid products do not require prescription but it’s important to pick the right product for your skin type. You can find all the information you need to pick the best glycolic acid products for your skin on my web site. Vitamin C skin care creams can easily be used all year round to help build collagen and soften wrinkles.  I give you information on how to combine vitamin C with Retin A or glycolic acid wrinkle creams in my post on How To Get The Most Out Of Your Anti-Aging Skin Care. There’s so much that can be done today to rejuvenate your skin, soften and prevent wrinkles and lighten age spots.  With the right skin care, you can reverse the signs of aging skin and sun damage.  Modern skin care can give you healthy, beautiful skin for your entire life…..  And now, between summers, is the best time for you to use the skin treatments that will get you the skin you want. If you found this helpful, you may also want to read: Teenage Acne; Dermatologist's Info To Clear Acne Fast Stop The Summer Darkening Of Your Age Spots How To Unclog Your Clogged Pores Dermatologist's 3 Simple Steps For Sandal Ready Feet By Spring Photo: Gratitude and thanks to Kai Chan Vong