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Senior Skin Care Tips: Find It Again Friday

Senior skin care tips from Dr. BaileySenior Skin Care Tips - What Does Dr. Bailey Practice?

Many of the skin care products you used during your younger years may seem too harsh as you age, especially as your skin becomes more thin and fragile. In some cases this holds true. However, Dr. Bailey suggests a few skin care tips that allow seniors to continue to use the same products as they age. For example, many seniors need to build their skin's tolerance to products with alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), such as glycolic acid. Dr. Bailey addresses how seniors may modify an anti-aging skin care routine with AHAs in her blog post: Best Skin Care for Seniors. Dr. Bailey has put together a strong and effective body exfoliation kit, the Anti-Aging Body Skin Care Kit, which helps to remove barnacles, smooths and hydrates your rough skin, and strengthens your skin barrier. The Anti-Aging Body Kit combines the best products for chemical (Glytone Body Wash and Body Lotion) and physical exfoliation (Salux Cloth).

Senior Skin Care Tips: Anti Aging Body Kit for Seniors

At first glance, the 17.5% free acid value of the glycolic acid in Dr. Bailey's Anti-Aging Body Kit may seem too strong for seniors with thinner and finer skin. Below are few tricks if you feel hesitant to use a strong AHA due to your age or skin sensitivity. We also cover methods to slowly increase the strength of an anti-aging skin care routine by using Dr. Bailey's Anti-Aging Body Skin Care Kit as an example.

How to Modify an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine

  • Weaken the AHA in the Glytone Body Lotion by diluting it with a bland cream
  • Reduce the pressure of physical exfoliants on your skin, such as Salux Wash Cloth
  • Separate the AHA step from the physical exfoliation step
  • Start an AHA Skin Care regimen slowly
Always refer to your dermatologists if you have any doubts or other concerns. Additionally, these tips do not apply to skin with rashes and sores. For a more thorough discussion of Dr. Bailey's skin care tips for seniors read her original blog post: Best Skin Care for Seniors.   If you have found these senior skin care tips helpful, please show your thanks by commenting on, sharing, “liking,” Google+, tweeting, and “pinning,” this blog post with friends and family.  Sincerely, Dr. Bailey Skin Care Team Photo attribution: Thanks and gratitude to © Doable/amanaimages/Corbi