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Secrets of Staying Healthy in Your 50s and Beyond

Secrets of Staying Healthy in Your 50s and Beyond

staying healthy in your 50sThe older you are the higher the probability that you will suffer a health crisis. I know, I'm a doctor, I'm 56, and I just suffered a doozie of a health crisis.
My advice for those of us who are over 50: create a foundation of good health and vitality to weather a health calamity when it hits!
My calamity this year was partly genetic (who knew) and partly age (that part was obvious). It was the revelation that I carried the BRCA gene mutation for breast and ovarian cancer AND, because of this, that I HAD breast cancer. These cancers are almost guaranteed to show up when you carry the gene mutation, especially with age. Your 50s are often a watershed for genetic predispositions to diseases. I didn't know I had a genetic mutation until I was diagnosed with cancer; I got breast cancer for my 55th birthday. My healthy body and my continued healthy living practices were vitality savers as I underwent very intense chemo and five large and unwanted surgical procedures. I actually look no worse for the wear at the end of The Cancer Year and am getting my life back on track because I kept up my exercise and healthy eating while I was in cancer treatment. My two key tips to staying healthy in your 50s is to bank vitality for our rainy day are to:
  • Exercise five days a week (a mix of cardio, resistance/weights, and flexibility such as yoga). Ideally you want to have a walking habit of at least 40 minutes several days a week as part of that exercise program.
  • Eat well, limiting calories and skewing the diet to be mostly plant-based composed of complex carbs and fresh whole foods. Be sure to include probiotic-rich foods daily such as yogurt, kefir, or barrel fermented sauerkraut.
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Staying Healthy in Your 50s

We can’t control our fate, BUT a foundation of good health will get us through the rough patches. We can't forget to sun protect our skin (use sunscreen, hats, and clothing to prevent premature skin aging and skin cancer). My cancer gene puts me at increased risk for melanoma – who knew?! My years of sun protection are paying off there too. staying healthy in your 50s with sunscreen   Check out why I only trust my skin to mineral zinc oxide broad spectrum sunscreens. They are high-tech protection that look and feel good on your skin.  No need to sacrifice for sun protection anymore.  

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