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Seasonal Skin Problems - Dr. Bailey Live on Facebook Every Wednesday

See me, Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey, live on Facebook every Wednesday at 12:30 PST, for "What's Trending Wednesday." I'll discuss "What's Trending On Your Skin - Seasonal Dermatology for the Northern Hemisphere." Skin problems vary with the seasons. I've seen it for years in my practice. Now I'm going to share my observations with you so you can hopefully get ahead of the problems before they hit your skin too. Every Wednesday at 12:30 Pacific Standard Time I'll go live for a 5-minute Facebook video post on my facebook page. I will talk about the skin problems I see this time of year in my practice, and:
  • I'll describe the skin problem,
  • I'll explain it using a diagram from my office that I frequently use with patients,
  • I'll also give you information on how I address the problem for my patients.
These Facebook Live posts are fun for me because I love to teach. Facebook Live makes it easy for me to do that so I can help you understand your skin health using more than just the written word. Visit our Dr. Bailey Skin Care Facebook page at 12:30 Pacific Standard Time every Wednesday.

Here is this week's video, on Seborrheic Dermatitis. Fall is the harbinger of dandruff and dry, flaky skin - learn how to control your dandruff.

What's also great about Facebook Live is that if you're watching the video live with us at 12:30 on Wednesdays PST, you can send me questions or comments while Facebook Live is rolling! (I'll be wearing my bifocals so hopefully I can read your question or comment on my phone!) You can also send emojis so I know you're there. It's fun to make this interactive and talk to you in real time! One of the things I love about dermatology is that our skin is part of our life on this planet, and we all experience the seasons of this Northern Hemisphere together, making our skin problems change and trend with those same seasons. It's a dermatological manifestation that we are not alone, but in fact are all connected. I'll use Facebook Live to help you better understand what to do right now to keep your skin healthy, comfortable, and attractive. Join me in this new and fun way to share skin health together. See you Wednesdays!