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Savings This Week On Beautiful, Long Eyelashes With Latisse

eyelashesEyelashes thin and shorten with age and you can actually do something about it, and it's Latisse! We’re having a Latisse Blitz now until August 31st.  Buy your new 5cc size Latisse in our Sonoma County Dermatology Office and save $25 while supplies last! Everyone who works in my office uses Latisse and loves it.  Our eyelashes are long and luxurious…. and that’s just plain fun and pretty.   Long eyelashes really do help your eyes to "twinkle and shine", and Latisse really works to give you that!  I love my fluttery, long eyelashes.  They’re so long I sometimes feel them hitting the back of my sunglasses when I blink. Latisse is the prescription medicine that increases your lash density and length when applied nightly.  It’s now available in a larger size bottle that translates into a much lower price per ml.  Plus, right now we’re selling the new size with an additional $ 25 off. What's the Latisse price math??
  • The original 3 ml bottle was $ 125 ($ 42 per ml).
  • The new 5 ml bottle is normally $ 179, which is $ 36 per ml.
  • With the additional $ 25 off the price is $ 154, translating into $ 31 per ml - very cool for us Latisse lovers!
Latisse has never been so affordable.  For those of you who also participate in the Brilliant Distinctions Program, you also get 100 reward points for your purchase.  Remember, 200 points gets you another $25 reward coupon for Latisse. We love Latisse in my office.  In our experience, you may well see thicker and longer lashes by 8 weeks.  Allergan says that the new 5 cc Latisse bottle should last you at least 10 weeks.  In my experience it will probably last you a lot longer if you’re careful how you use it. Latisse really works.  These are realistic before and after pictures from Allergan - and they are totally consistent with the results that delight us in my office.

Latisse Before and After 3


The Bottom Line:  Now is a great time to treat yourself to new, long and pretty lashes because Latisse is more affordable than ever.  If you’re one of our patients who use Latisse, or are thinking about using Latisse, give us a call before August 31st.  Call us at 707 829-5778.  $25 off while supplies last.  Remember, Latisse is a prescription drug and during your consult we will help you weigh the pros and cons of using this medicine. Photo: Thanks and Gratitude to Peasap