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Does Your Messy Medicine Cabinet Ruin Your Skin Care Routine?

Does Your Messy Medicine Cabinet Ruin Your Skin Care Routine?

Tips on how your bathroom space can promote a healthy complexion

Can your messy medicine cabinet ruin your skin care routine? It's so easy to let entropy take over in the medicine cabinet and bathroom shelving. It's a high-use part of the house, and clutter in the bathroom can sabotage your best intentions for a healthy skin care routine. Set yourself up for success by taking charge of the prime bathroom real estate! Don't ruin your skin care routine with a message medicine cabinet! You apply your skin care products in front of the sink. Give it the attention it deserves - that you deserve! The bathroom is where we get our skin care routine “work” done. And since you get the best results from your skin care routine with consistency, organize your bathroom and set yourself up for success! Let me help. I'm an organizational fanatic out of necessity - clutter overwhelms me. I place a high value on having an organized living space. It makes me more productive and makes sticking with good intentions easier. Here are my tips:

What items should you have in the most prominent place in your bathroom, such as the medicine cabinet or shelving around your sink?

Your daily sunscreens need to be front and center in your bathroom! Place the products for all areas of exposed skin where you can easily see them and access them. After all, it’s essential to wear a facial sunscreen every day – 365 days a year. Other exposed areas to remember are ears, neck (Need motivation? Take a look at the red/brown sun damage that happens on the sides of the neck.), décolleté, and back of your hands. If other skin is exposed, it needs sunscreen too. You may use different products on different areas. For example, many people like a tinted sunscreen for the face, a light-texture untinted product where clothing touches skin (such as the neck and décolleté ) and a water-resistant product on the back of the hands. Make daily sunscreen use easy by placing products where you can’t miss them. Products to correct complexion problems and hydrate skin also need to be in easy reach because consistency is key to results. Keep your medicine cabinet and the area around your bathroom sink tidy, and organize your daily skin care routine products where they are easy to reach. Here is how I organize mine…  In my bathroom, I have a shelf to the left of my sink where I keep every daily wear product that I use on my skin, with the exception of my facial cleanser, I keep that at the sink. All the other products are on a shelf and placed in the order I apply them. I can do my entire skin care routine without stepping away from the mirror. Remember, Complete Skin Care involves 4 steps in this order: Cleanse, Correct, Hydrate, Protect. My cleanser is by the sink. My toner is on the left of the shelf (it is part of cleanse). I apply correcting products next and layer thin/water-based products first then richer/oil containing products on top. That is also how I organize them on my shelf. Moisturizer is in the middle and my sunscreens are on the right.

Do you think medicine cabinet organization can help you maintain a good skincare routine? Conversely, can a cluttered medicine cabinet or bathroom shelf hinder your routine?

My opinion is Yes and Yes! I know that the medicine cabinet is prime real estate in anyone's bathroom. It also tends to get cluttered. A well-organized medicine cabinet area can make or break your commitment to your personal skin care goals. If you have to reach behind products that come tumbling out amidst cluttered shelves, you just won’t be able to stick to your routine when you’re in a hurry - or when you can't bare the annoyance. An organized medicine cabinet is a pleasure and supports following-through with the intentions you have. When you see your products and have quick access to them, you'll use them. I’ve told patients for years to rubber band their twice daily prescription creams to their toothpaste tube – it's impossible to miss them that way! The same concept applies to that prime real estate in the front of your medicine cabinet. Here is what I recommend for organizing your medicine cabinet:
  1. Get rid of old products and expired medicine. They can actually be dangerous!
  2. Wipe the surface of your cabinet down. It should feel fresh, clean and simple.
  3. Arrange your skin care products in the order you apply them from left to right. Make them easy to reach.
  4. Put bathroom items that you don’t need daily in storage boxes under your sink or in a cupboard. I’ve done this for years. I have plastic boxes labeled where I store the bathroom things that I use less often. We never have enough cabinet space in the bathroom for all the personal care products, small appliances (blow dryers, curling irons, razors, etc.), first aid kit, hair care products, prescription medicines, makeup, supplements etc.
The overcrowding pressure is huge! Labeled storage boxes are a great organizing trick to simplify your bathroom items and get you access to the prime real estate in the front of your medicine cabinet.

What's next to my bathroom sink and on my skin care shelf?

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