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How to Remedy Dry Skin on Your Face, Body and Lips

How to Remedy Dry Skin on Your Face, Body and Lips

Weather changes cause dry skin as cold, fall winds and heated, indoor air pull moisture out of your skin.

It happens every year. If you wait too long to switch-up your skin care for fall, you see the dry-flaking. If you wait even longer, you’ll see chapping and feel itching and skin tightness.

This is impending eczema!

3 Simple Tips from my Dermatology Practice Will Fix Dry Skin

1.  Use only gentle soaps and cleansers.
Lather up only areas with excess oil or body odor when you bathe. Those are your face, ears, neck, chest, upper back, armpits, groin, and feet. The skin of your tummy, low back, arms and legs often don’t need direct lathering with soap or shower gel.

2. Use warm water instead of steamy, hot water to bathe.
You’ve noticed that grease comes off pots and pans better with hot water. The same is true for your skin – and stripping too much of your skin’s natural oil will lead to dryness. Use warm water and rinse all soap residue off well.

3. Apply moisturizer within the magic, 3 minutes after stepping out of your bath or shower or after washing your face.
These 3 minutes are magic because you’ll hold in water that your skin soaked up during the washing process. Skin is like a sponge to water, and you want a moist sponge not a dry one! Use a moisturizer that you love so that you’ll use it daily. For your lips, they are moistened by licking or drinking, and the same concept applies. Use a natural and hypoallergenic lip balm or lip stick often to prevent lip chapping.

My top choices for skin care products to prevent dry skin:


All Natural Shower Gel:

Hypoallergenic, 100% natural and organic skin-cleansing for the entire family. You can use this from head-to-toe. Keep one in every shower.

Shower gel that works.

Naturally Best Bar Soap:

Like the shower gel, it is 100% natural, organic and good from head-to-toe for the entire family

Naturally Best Bar Soap

VaniCream Cleansing Bar:

(Hypoallergenic pH balanced skin cleansing for ultra sensitive skin) Can be used from head-to-toe for the entire family.

best hypoallergenic bar soap for sensitive skin

Extremely Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser:

Elegant, pH balanced facial cleanser that is ideal for sensitive skin. I use this every day. Removes facial product, oil and debris without overly-drying delicate, facial skin.

best foaming facial cleanser for all skin types


My Daily Face Creams can be matched to your skin type.

Pick from Dry to Normal or Oily to Normal formulations. These hugely, popular creams are made with advanced skin formulation technology to deeply hydrate skin without a greasy feel. They work perfectly with all skin care routines.

Have healthier skin and fight acne here.

All Natural Face, Hand and Body Lotion:

Head-to-toe natural lotion ideal for eczema prone skin because it’s make with coconut oil and other hypoallergenic botanical oils as well as aloe.

Never greasy, this all purpose lotion comes in a convenient pump container.

best natural moisturizer for sensitive skin

Natural Face and Body Butter Cream:

Rich and soothing hypoallergenic butter that can be used from head-to-toe. Made with natural and organic ingredients.

Body butter, smooth skin, chapped skin, all-natural

Face Booster Oils:

Boost the hydration of your facial moisturizer when you add a few drops of booster oil. I’ve made an omega enriched oil and a sensitive skin oil. Magic for dry facial skin. I love these oils and use them every night (yes I have both!)

best natural facial booster oil to help heal sensitive skin

Natural Lip Balm:

Hydrate lips without chemical ingredients in my hypoallergenic and therapeutic certified organic lip balm. Keep one in your bag, one in your desk, one in your bathroom etc.

Natural lip balm (chapstick)

For more tips to help remedy dry skin and lips this season, click here.