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Realistic Anti-Aging Skin Care Summary in The Press Democrate Today

Hear ye hear ye read all about it! Journalist Susan Schwartz's article in Sonoma County's major newspaper The Press Democrat today gives a great overview of WHY skin aging occurs and WHAT you can realistic do to counter and modify the process.  She interviewed Buck Institute scientists Judith Campisi Ph.D. and Dermatologist Ervin Epstein about skin aging.  She also interviewed me, a practicing Dermatologist here in Sonoma County about what I do for my patients who want healthy, realistic, minimally invasive cosmetic dermatology procedures and advice to improve the appearance of their aging skin.  Cruise on over to the Press Democrat site and read the article, it's well worth a peak! The article is titled:

No Magic Elixir For Aging Skin.

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Press Democrate

To see the listing of the cosmetic dermatology procedures that I love, take a look at my new office web pages, I've just redone them and they give a nice brief overview of the tricks I rely on to keep our skin pretty, bright, evenly colored and finely textured as we age.  Click here to jump to the Dermatology Services pages.

To see the treatments that my aestheticians offer to keep us all looking our best click here.  I've just rebuilt those pages too so that you can get lots of great info about their services.

I've also listed some of my latest articles on sun protection and anti-aging skin care below in case you have more questions on what options might be right for you.


Cynthia Bailey MD, Dermatologist