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dermatologist updates from AAD meeting

Random Highlights From The 2011 American Academy Of Dermatology's Annual Meeting In New Orleans!

The annual meeting of the American Academy Of Dermatology is underway and it's one of my favorite ways to get an intense update on what's new in my  field.  Lectures, technical exhibits filled with lasers, drug companies, surgical equipment, skin care companies and lots more, plus conversations with colleagues from all over the world make for an intense informational week and I love it! I come home with my head swimming with exciting ideas to implement in my practice.  I also always have a list of patients to call with new ideas to try for their skin problems..... and this year I'll have blog topics galore. I'm going to try to put some of the cool stuff in my blog for my readers while I'm here. I think I've overcome the mobile tech challenges that have plagued me in the first 2 days of the meeting so stay tuned as I pick out what I think will be helpful, fun and/or fascinating for you at the AAD 2011 meeting!