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Dermatologist’s Hand Care to Prevent Dry, Chapped Hands

Dermatologist’s Hand Care to Prevent Dry, Chapped Hands

It’s here!

Cold and flu season, kids back in school, cool fall and winter weather outside with the heater running inside – the perfect combination for chapped and dry hands. You know it happens to you every year. It also happens to almost everyone whose hand you shake because you feel the rough skin-texture.

Dry, hand skin will chap. It will itch. It will fissure and crack, and that stings.

Jump on this now. Prevent or reverse it with the right hand care. I’ve treated dry hands for over 30 years in my dermatology practice so I know what’s convenient and what works.

My hand care kits are highly effective, affordable and provide results. Keep the products at every sink where you wash your hands (Big tip: do NOT use dish-washing soap for hand washing in the kitchen).

My kits make great hostess gifts, teacher’s gifts, thank you gifts, and more!

Busy hands need special care, and you flatter someone when you acknowledge their hard hand work. You acknowledge yourself and take good care of yourself when you give these kits to you, too!

My kits come with hand-care instructions – straight from the keyboard of a dermatologist. These are the same instructions I print for my patients who have irritant hand dermatitis (a.k.a. chapped hands). I’m a hand-care fanatic, because hand washing is important, and dry hands are symptomatic – and preventable.

Pick the hand care kit that’s right for you:

Survival Kit for Busy Hands 
This includes my easy-rinse, natural-foaming hand soap and the best hand cream for when you need to NOT have a slippery grip. The cream contains an ingredient that forms a protective film on hand skin to help prevent moisture loss. My hands have depended on this cream for years.
natural healing for chapped hands

Hand Care Kit for Naturally Busy Hands
This kit includes the same, easy-rinse, natural-foaming hand soap and a deeply-hydrating lotion that is made from natural and organic ingredients.

Dry Hand Skin Repair Kit
Here, I give you the right tools to repair dry, chapped and fissured hands. You get the same, easy-rinse, natural-foaming hand soap, my favorite hand cream that’s in the Survival Kit, plus bag balm, and the best therapeutic-cotton-gloves for a bedtime hand-care treatment that will turn the course of hand chapping.

Don't let the change of seasons dry out your skin.

Be smart about hand-washing to prevent the spread of germs.

Be smart about your hand care to prevent chapped and dry hands (aka irritant hand dermatitis).

For healthy, happy hands year-round, check out the products listed on this page here.