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Post holiday BMI Shocker Gets Me Serious About My Middle Age Belly Fat


After the holidays my BMI tipped up to 25-the gateway BMI of the overweight! There’s no denying it anymore, this time I really am fat!

I’ve always had a BMI of around 23.  I've been health conscious since I was 15, and I've always exercise regularly….. so what’s happened at 51?

  • Yes, my clothes were getting tight.
  • Yes, clothes shopping was becoming traumatic.
  • And yes I’ve begun taking on a middle age shape that I don’t recognize.

From what I can tell, this new middle age BMI problem is also a middle body problem.

At 51, my post menopausal pear shaped body is morphing into an apple tooTogether, my fruit make a papple; there's a fruit basket happening between my waist and my hips and it’s not pretty.  It's gotta stop!

Like most women, I've never been thrilled with my pear body shape, but I’d made peace with it.   Pear shaped bodies are healthy, according to science. We have less cardiovascular, high cholesterol and diabetes risk than our apple friends.  The apple that's joining my pear comes with trouble and I mean to send it packing.  I've been ineffectively trying to shoo it off with a little more exercise or a little less food, but now with a BMI of 25, I mean business.



My plan to slim down and loose the belly fat:

  • Add 150 minutes of sustained cardio per week in three 50 minute segments
  • Continue with my other physical activities like yoga, ballroom dance and gardening
  • Adhere more closely to my Alkaline Mediterranean diet by limiting my acid forming protein portions (fish, chicken and beans) to 6 oz per serving and really cut down on acid forming ‘treats’

I tested whether this would work over the last 3 weeks and so far it’s amazing!  My belly blubber has slimmed down, cloths fit better and I feel great!

It’s do-able with my busy work schedule, I’m not hungry, the foodie in me isn't feeling deprived and I feel like I can keep this up.

I plan to post what I've learned about belly fat, optimal fitness activities and diet over the next month.  I've been doing a lot of research and this is an area of ongoing interest for me.  Menopause and middle age has brought it front and center-literally-and I'm surveying both the scientific and popular literature on the subject.  There's a lot out there, some good and some so-so.  Being the good doctor, I'm filtering the information I find using my western scientific skills, but I also look at it from my vantage point as a baby boomer post menopausal female consumer with a new found papple of belly fat sharing her body. I want my pear back! Wish me luck!



Photo Attributions:

Selma90, Sarah Baker, Jill Clardy