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shopping in Sebastopol California

Places I Love To Shop in Sebastopol-North Main Street

Copperfield's Books SebastopolMy out of town patients often ask me for recommendations on things to do when they're in Sebastopol.  High on the list-Sebastopol is a great place to shop! Our stores are unique, partly because everyone who lives in or visits Western Sonoma County drives through Sebastopol at some point and shops here.  I shop almost entirely in Sebastopol myself and know most of our stores well.

Our main shopping area is North Main Street on the one block section of Highway 116 between McKinley Street and Bodega Highway.   North Main Street is packed with great stores and the highest concentration of my favorite Sebastopol retailers are here:

In this post I'll give a summary of the stores I frequently shop at on the west side of North Main Street:

My Favorite Stores On The West Side Of North Main Street In Sebastopol CA


Artisana is always the first place that comes to my mind when I want to give a special gift.  Tej Greenhill, the owner, and an artist herself, has a fantastic eye for selecting lovely hand crafted jewelry, home accessories, leather goods, textiles and other functional items. I’m tempted by everything in this wonderful store and have bought a number of items for myself here as well as many gifts over the years.

Located at 146 North Main Street, Sebastopol, CA 95472 Phone (707) 829-3036

Web Site


Artisana Sebastopol



Our new housewares store with an irresistible collection of table linens, cookware, tableware etc. This store is dangerous retail for me as an insatiable foodie.  I’m always eager to try the next healthy cooking trend and of course outfit myself with the proper cookware for the job.  I’m REALLY happy to see Cultivate in town.   I did quite a bit of my 2009 Christmas shopping here and I can’t wait to see what they’ll bring in for spring.

Located in the Basso Building at 186 North Main Street, Sebastopol, CA 95472 Phone (707) 824-1400

Cultivate Sebastopol Home Goods Store



Rosemary’s Garden

Anyone interested in making their own natural personal care products needs to know about this store. You can get expert advice on making or using natural care products from the experienced staff here.  They also carry wide selection of ready made botanical products including essential oils, tinctures, body care products, teas, candles and culinary herbs. Rosemary’s Garden also carries a number of good books on making natural care products.  The store smells heavenly and it’s worth a trip in for that.

Located at 132 North Main Street, Sebastopol, CA 95472 Phone (707) 829-2539

Natural Skin Care Supplies Rosemary's Garden Sebastopol



Beautifully made natural, organic skin care that  perfectly complement my professional skin care products. Deborah Burnes, the founder of Sumbody, has extraordinary expertise in formulating natural ingredients into practical, luxurious and effective skin care products.  My aestheticians use some of her products for their facials and skin care treatments.  My aestheticians also sell several of Deborah's eye creams and face creams to their clients as well.  Doborah's products are popular with the Hollywood celebrity world-proving that you can never underestimate the uniqueness of little Sebastopol!

Located at 118 North Main Street, Sebastopol, CA 95472 Phone (707) 823-2053

Web Site

natural skin care sebastopol



Sebastopol Gallery

Our local gallery featuring some of our many local artists.  I've taken workshops with oil painter Sterling Hoffmann whose work is featured in the gallery.  Also, my husband had jewelry artist Anita Selinger make me a lovely necklace and earrings for our 25th wedding anniversary.

Located at 150 North Main Street, Sebastopol, CA Phone (707) 829-7200

Web Site

Copperfield's Books

In addition to Copperfield's Used and Rare Books, North Main Street has Copperfield's Books for new books.  This is a lovely, local bookstore with knowledgeable friendly staff.  I order my new book purchases from Copperfield's.  They get me my books just as fast as if I ordered from Amazon and I'm 'going local'.

Located at 138 North Main Street, Sebastopol, CA  95472 Phone (707) 823-2618

Web Site

Copperfield's Books Sebastopol


These are the stores that I find myself patronizing the most on the west side of Sebastopol's North Main Street.  There are a number of other lovely stores that I also visit from time to time including a wonderful organic bedding store and another gift store  in the Basso Building.  Also in the Basso Building is a new old fashion candy store.  The block also has a nice little bead store, an art supply store and an import clothing store.  There are also several places to eat on the same side of the street.

You can spend a lot of quality time strolling this one block on the west side of North Main Street in Sebastopol!

Next post in the series-The East Side of North Main Street in Sebastopol.  There are two real retail treasures that you can't miss if your in town.

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