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OTBSkincare has moved to DrBaileySkincare!

I've moved! My blog and web site have a new web address (URL) and I want you all to know.  I've set up a forwarding function so that if you click on the old address you still go to the new one, but just like in the 'physical' world, the old address eventually falls into a distant memory and the new one takes over. It's sort of crazy to change my address after 2 years as, and believe me I did some soul searching before I decided to do it.  Somehow though, OTB just never grew on me like I thought it would.  It is an acronym for 'Only The Best', and I like the cadence of it, but I always felt that I had to explain it.  Honestly, I was also a little timid about using my name when I first built my web site.  Becoming a blogger changed all that.  I'm writing fresh articles every week, answering emails and comments from readers and it's all me here on my laptop.   It makes sense to just be clear about that and I think the name is an important part of that message.  So, it is! Please change your bookmarks, contact info or however it is that you find me. My new blog address: My new web site address: We've set the email and address forwarding function so hopefully the move will happen without any glitches.  Please let me know if you have any problems (like last year when we changed servers and our emails did not forward and folks didn't get answers from me). Here's to lots of great conversations about dermatology and skin care in 2011! Warm Regards, Cynthia Bailey MD, Dermatologist