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Valentine's Day - Time For Nurturing Skin Care

Valentine's Day - Time For Nurturing Skin Care

It's Time For Nurturing Skin Care For You and Those You Love

Nurturing skin care for Valentine's Day

February is the month of love. After all, Valentine’s Day is smack dab in the middle of it.

With red hearts, candy and roses everywhere we look, our thoughts turn to acts of kindness and gratitude. While I wait patiently for spring to arrive, Valentine's Day brings a bright spot during these cold, winter days. It's the perfect time to provide ourselves and those we love with nurturing skin care! Why not try something new and explore something fun for the skin - the body’s biggest organ? After all, transforming skin care is an enduring treat that’s not fattening! Plus, it's an unexpected and unique gift that lasts much longer than flowers! With this in mind, I love creating fun things for you. That's why I've created a few magical bundles that make fantastic, Valentine's Day gifts for everyone you love. You can even treat yourself to enjoy this time of year that much more. These nurturing skin care kits include:
  • Super Soft All-Over Skin Kit

    Have velvety, smooth and soft skin in the dead of winter. And best of all, this is a fun kit to share with your partner!
  • Instantly Wonderful Facial Transformation Kit

    Combine the ideal exfoliating scrub with deep hydration, and you'll have plump skin with a dewy luster! Watch the transformation happen with this trio of products... even if you have a sensitive complexion.
  • Enhance Your Natural Beauty Makeup Bundle 

    This bundle is such a treat! It includes my favorite makeup all combined in a lovely, silk cosmetic bag. Not only will you want to give this to your friends and family, you'll definitely want to buy one for yourself. You'll feel special every time you open the bag and apply these products to your skin!

Happy February! Happy Valentine's Day!

This month is all about love. Give the gift of nurturing skin to yourself and those you love. Please take a look at all of these special bundles,  and please let me know your thoughts. Also know that I'm offering them for 15% off the retail price as my gift to you. But hurry! This discount ends February 14, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific time.

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