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Is Your New Year’s Resolution Slipping Away About Now?

Is Your New Year’s Resolution Slipping Away About Now?

Did you set new goals at the end of 2017?

Did you promise yourself that in 2018 you were going to take better care of your one precious body? In your New Year's resolution, did you commit to maintaining (or becoming) a healthy weight by:New Year's Resolution and skin care

  1. Eating better; and 
  2. Getting more exercise?

About now, the January crowd in the gym or the lap pools starts to dwindle. I see it every year. Take advantage of the space and keep moving because:

An NIH study of contestants on “The Biggest Losers” TV show proves exercise is key to maintaining weight loss!

You know that 2 of 3 Americans are technically obese/overweight.

You know that being overweight increases the risk that your one precious body (and life) will suffer from today’s biggest health problems including:

  1. Diabetes
  2. Hypertension
  3. Heart disease
  4. Certain cancers
  5. Breathing problems

Gallstones, too! (No fun... trust me!)

Researchers from the NIH followed contestants for 6 years AFTER they lost an average of 132 lbs. during the intense 30 week TV program competition.

  • 14 of the 16 people on the TV agreed to be studied.
    • 7 kept a lot of the weight off.
    • 7 went back to almost their original pre-competition weight.

Both groups ate less calories than before the competition - BUT, the 7 whose weight loss became life-changing and sustainable exercised a lot more!

They got 80 minutes a day of moderate exercise (like brisk walking, heavy house cleaning, lawn mowing, bicycling at 10-12 mph, and doubles tennis) or 30 minutes of vigorous exercise (like running, hiking, shoveling, bicycling fast 14-16 mph, participating in a basketball or soccer game, and tennis singles) did the trick.  This is more than the current 150 minutes a week of moderate exercise many of us aim for, and that is the current recommendation by many health experts.

My opinion and observation over the years is that weight is about supply and demand.

But, there is also individual metabolism variation. For example, my husband has to add supplemental granola bars along with our household meals to keep his weight UP!

I, on the other hand, have a metabolism built to survive a famine – meaning I store energy very, very well. If I ate granola bars, I would gain weight. And, I MUST exercise to maintain a healthy weight. He exercises because he feels better when he does, but he gets much less exercise than I do.

Additionally, my body craves sugar/carbs/fat if I give it any. His never does. It’s Jack Sprat and his wife at my house. It’s not fair, but it’s the hands we were dealt. Too bad... I need to pay attention to my body and not what he gets to eat or do.

Yes, it’s not fair that different bodies have different limits and needs, but it’s reality.

Exercise is important for weight maintenance, which is important for health and a life lived with vitality. We also feel much more vital when we “get the juices flowing” with exercise.

So, off the chairs and out for a brisk walk, or to the gym. It will make our lives better and our bodies will respond positively. Let’s not lose our New Year’s resolution clarity.

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