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New Tips for a Naturally Flawless Complexion

We’re having a product-giveaway drawing that you don’t want to miss! It's our new Naturally Flawless Complexion product combo, and we're in love with it at my dermatology office. We're totally smitten with the beautiful look of Suntegrity 5 in 1 BB Cream underneath my elegant mineral makeup. In fact, we're so smitten with it that we decided to have a Facebook drawing to share what we're so excited about with 2 lucky winners. What has us so excited about this product combo? 

It's dermatology-approved sun protection meets salon-quality chic, and it gives you an instantly flawless-looking complexion.  

We want you to experience the magic too. What exactly is the Naturally Flawless Complexion product combination that we're all worked up about? It's the combination of Suntegrity 5 in 1 BB Cream and Dr. Bailey Skin Care Mineral Makeup - and it gives you a complexion that's absolutely radiant.
  • Complexion color flaws are softened by a gossamer-fine, yet long-lasting, coverage that looks like you aren’t wearing any makeup at all.
  • At the same time, your skin is benefiting from the most complete, dermatologist-approved, natural, anti-aging sun protection and deeply hydrated with a moisturizing cream that's naturally rich in botanical antioxidants. Your skin looks and feels great!
It’s magic.

It’s brilliant.

And, that’s why we’re doing a Facebook giveaway to share it!

We want you to try this magic combination for an instantly flawless complexion too.

Our Naturally Flawless Complexion Skin Care Product Giveaway includes:

Suntegrity 5 in 1 BB Cream, which is the naturally multitasking wonder for pure mineral sun protection and tinted makeup coverage that doesn’t fade or migrate. It is made with beautiful, botanical moisturizing ingredients that are naturally rich in antioxidants. It's wholesome, yet elegant, skin care that looks and feels great on your skin. buy Suntegrity 5 in 1 Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen online Dr. Cynthia Bailey Skin Care Pressed or Baked Mineral Powder  
dermatologist recommended mineral makeup for sensitive skin
buy dermatologist recommended mineral makeup for sensitive skin
  Dr. Bailey Skin Care Loose Mineral Makeup Powder Blush  
the top dermatologist recommended mineral makeup for sensitive skin
  As an extra gift to the winners, we’re also adding our favorite hygienic, synthetic-fiber kabuki makeup brush and one of the beautiful silk makeup pouches that we sell in the office! How do you enter our drawing? Here's what you need to do: Step 1:  Click here to cruise over to our Facebook Page for Dr. Cynthia Bailey Skin Care, and "Like" our page. Step 2:  Write in the "What's on your mind?" field:
I want a Naturally Flawless Complexion. My skin deserves only the best from science and nature!  skin care bb cream and makeup give away
That’s it - you’ll be entered into our drawing. On Monday October 22nd we’ll pick 2 winners, and one of them just might be you! Can't wait and want to experience the Naturally Flawless Complexion skin care product combo right now? Click the links above to order them. If you also win the drawing then you've got the first of your holiday gifts crossed off of your shopping list. Believe me, this product combo gets your skin noticed for the right reasons; it’s the product combination that I personally use every day; and it’s fun because people have been complementing me like crazy on my complexion. They want to know what new anti-aging procedure I’ve just had done to get the results, but no, it’s just the beautiful new combination of Suntegrity BB Cream and my mineral makeup - they add up to a brilliant finishing touch – and the result feels as good as it looks too!