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best spring skin care tips

New Spring Bath and Beauty Products

best spring skin care tipsSpring is here and it's time to "awaken" your skin care to get ready for skin-baring spring fashions! Your dry winter skin needs a serious dose of hydration to look soft, supple, and smooth. You have to lock in moisture - and this happens from the outside.

Contrary to skincare "folklore", you can't hydrate your skin by drinking tons of water any more than you can quench your thirst by taking a bath. The outside and inside of your body are separate for the most part. This means that hydrating your skin is all about applying moisturizers. 

And, my new All Natural Body and Face Butter and Lotion are skin-hydrating "911" treatments to get your skin looking good quickly. They combine the therapeutic effectiveness you expect from dermatologist-approved products with cosmetic elegance and natural/green organic ingredients. They are also brand new! Patients and web customers are loving them, which has me thrilled because I love them too.
All Natural Face and Body Butter Cream
All Natural Face, Hand and Body Lotion
                      Apply them right after bathing. (Remember, moisturizers always need to be applied within 3 minutes of toweling dry.)  My All Natural Butter and Lotion soak into your skin quickly to heal winter dryness. Your skin will be dewy, soft, and supple ASAP. To get really soft skin fast, add exfoliation to your skin care routine. The simplest way is to scrub your skin in the shower with either of my favorite body exfoliating tricks: the Salux Cloth or the Buf Puf Body Sponge with Handle.
Best Exfoliating Shower Cloth Salux Cloth
Buf Puf Exfoliating Body Sponge
                    Use your favorite gentle soap or my All Natural Body Bar Soap.
naturally best bar soap
  You'll get even better and faster results if you use my Anti Aging Body Kit products twice a week. This means that five days a week you will shower with the Natural Bar Soap with the Salux or Buf Puf, after which you apply the Natural Butter or Lotion. Two days a week you use the Anti Aging Body Kit.  
Dermatologist's Best Anti Aging Body Skin Care Kit
  This is the ultimate skin care routine for soft, supple skin. I recommend it for my patients all year round and it's what I've done for my own skin for years. Trust me, it works - velvet elbows, satiny smooth shins, and all! Bring on spring and the skin-baring fashions because you'll be ready!!   Photo: Thanks and Gratitude to Jesslee Cuizon