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New Natural Dermatologist’s Skin Care for Your Body

New Natural Dermatologist’s Skin Care for Your Body

Want to Reduce the Amount of Chemicals in Your Body Care Without Sacrificing Results?

Me too! As a dermatologist and skin care obsessed entrepreneur, I’m on a mission to blend products with pharmaceutical grade actives + products with natural and organic ingredients. These ingredients often can’t live in the same bottle for stability reasons.

The process of skin care chemistry is more complicated than you would imagine. And, we don’t really want to keep our skin care in the fridge to keep actives from going off! So, I’m going to write a series of posts on how to add natural products to your skin care routine without sacrificing results. Here is the first:

The Best Natural Body Skin Care Products

Your skin is your body's biggest organ. For the most part, the barrier protection of your skin cells is darn good, but it does absorb some of what you apply, including chemicals. If your skin was not a good barrier, then all your body’s water would ooze out and every toxin/chemical you touch would burn your skin, cause a rash, or build up to massive levels in your body. Nature is amazing! It wraps us in good barrier to keep us well.

That said, daily slathering of soaps and moisturizers filled with chemicals is relevant, because a little of those chemicals do get in. Exposure to phthalates, (artificial fragrances that are notorious hormone disruptors), preservatives, and other chemicals added to skin care should be judiciously minimized. I recommend washing and moisturizing our body's skin with natural products on a daily basis. Then, treat problems like back acne or barnacles strategically with products made with pharmaceutical actives, that by necessity are stabilized with modern preservative systems.

Here’s how!

Cleanse your skin daily using a natural skin cleanser. My favorite options are:


All these products are made with organic ingredients by the time-honored and old-fashioned soap making process called saponification. They lather beautifully and cleanse skin without chemicals or artificial fragrances. The gels are certified organic to USDA standards. All these products are economical, so stock every shower and bath in your home with them. Choose from a soap or gel based on your preference.

Correct roughness and flaking by exfoliating in the shower to smooth and buff your skin by scrubbing with soap or gel + a Salux Cloth, instead of fragrance-laden body scrubs.

Hydrate your skin every day after the bath or shower to keep it healthy, attractive, and youthful. Apply natural lotions or creams within 3 minutes after toweling off. Moisturize arms and legs after every shower. They are highly prone to dryness, flaking, and crinkly skin. Avoid chemicals by using either my:


Both products are made with organic ingredients.

Correct body skin problems strategically.

  • Back and Chest Acne: wash your back and chest using the pharmaceutical-grade medicated products in my Back Acne Kit
  • Back or Chest Dandruff: Wash your back and chest with my Foaming Zinc Cleanser
  • Barnacles and age spots: use my AHA Body Kit two to three times a week alternating with the natural cleanser and lotion. The Ultra-Fast Body Smoothing AHA Kit is fast absorbing for those who don’t like heavy lotion feel or who live in humid climates


It's my goal to bring you professional dermatologist-level results + natural skin care options. I weigh the pros and cons for you; And I know where we need pharmaceutical actives and advanced skin care science - and where we don't. Stay tuned as I teach you how to blend the best that science and nature has to offer for your skin care needs.