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dermatologist recommended natural skin care moisturizers

New Natural, Dermatologist-Recommended Face and Body Moisturizers

Previously, it’s been almost oxymoronic to say "dermatologist" and "natural" in the same sentence - but not in my office. Natural health options matter deeply to me. Every day in my dermatology practice, I use natural treatment options to treat my patients' skin problems. Now, I’m bringing them to you too. I have two NEW AND WONDERFUL moisturizing products that will become a moisturizing staple for your skin.

My new, natural moisturizers are made from organic ingredients that are naturally rich in dry-skin-healing fatty acids. These products are:

  • highly therapeutic,
  • deeply hydrating, and
  • hypoallergenic for sensitive skin.

When it comes to skin moisturizers, there's rarely a need for high-tech-sounding synthetic ingredients when nature already gives us the best. And, when it comes to applying a product on the entire surface of your body's largest organ, I like to limit the chemicals. Don't get me wrong, modern science has a big place in results-oriented skin care, but not in your everyday moisturizer, where it's the oils and water binding ingredients that count.

These new products are natural and cosmetically elegant. The combination of ingredients in my two new moisturizers works magic to pull the oils into your skin fast. There’s no heavy feeling of oily goo that’s the norm with most natural moisturizing products. I’ve also left out the usual natural product “aromatherapy” ingredients that create fragrances that can overpower, add potential allergens, and are very much a personal preference that may or may not be welcomed by others.

first dermatoloigst developed natural skin care mositurizersIt’s a basic skincare fact that you need to use a moisturizer on all of your skin every day to keep it healthy. You need to apply it immediately after toweling your skin dry following your bath or shower and after washing your hands or face. - Dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey

Now, you can get dermatologic results in a natural, hypoallergenic moisturizing cream and lotion that is:

Carefully crafted from organic ingredients.

Affordable - so you can lavish your skin with all its botanical goodness.

Click the links below to read more about and to order these new, beautiful, naturally healing moisturizers just in time to prevent your winter skin dryness.

Natural Face, Hand, and Body Lotion and my Natural Face and Body Butter Cream

dermatologist recommended natural face and body lotiondermatologist recommended natural face and body butter cream