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Redheads and melanoma skin cancer

New Information Connecting Redheads and Melanoma Skin Cancer

A new scientific study published in the journal Nature has shown that redheads and melanoma skin cancer are linked in a very surprising way. We know that redheads are more prone to melanoma skin cancers than their non-redheaded counterparts. The new study shows that this is true even without sun exposure.

Yes, if you’re a fair-skinned redhead (Fitz type 1 with red hair, freckles, inability to tan, and blue eyes), you have an increased risk even if you’re diligent at sun protecting your skin. It means that you need to take extra precautions and have an annual full exam.

Redheads need to learn the signs of melanoma because they are at higher risk of melanoma skin cancer

You also need to learn the signs of melanoma because when we catch melanoma skin cancer early, it's often curable. We know, without any doubt, that exposure to UV sunlight causes skin cancer. It produces free radicals in exposed skin and those free radicals damage your skin’s DNA.

This new study demonstrates that free radicals also form in the skin of redheads without any UV light exposure.

It means that just being a redhead puts you at an increased skin cancer risk. We've known for a long time that the skin pigment in redheads is different. Redheads make the type of melanin pigment called pheomelanin, instead of the more common eumelanin.

What’s new is that we now know that pheomelanin production in the skin causes free radicals all by itself, even without UV exposure. If you add UV exposure, then you're adding even more free radicals to damage your skin's DNA and the skin cancer risk is even higher. What's the bottom line for redheads?

  1. Learn the ABCDE’s of melanoma.
  2. Do monthly self-skin exams and see your dermatologist if any suspicious spots develop.
  3. Have an annual skin exam done by your dermatologist.
  4. Be 100% proficient at your sun protection, meaning no tan lines ever!

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Photo: Thanks and Gratitude to APDK