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New Ultra-Fast AHA Skin Smoothing Kit for Summer

New Ultra-Fast AHA Skin Smoothing Kit for Summer

Want Lighter-feeling Skin Care Products In the Summer’s Heat?

Don’t you also want your skin to be polished silky smooth for those warm weather fashions that expose your skin to everyone? Avoid:
  • Flaky and dry arms or lower legs that looks like crackly old leather
  • Crusty and rough barnacles or age spots
  • Red and bumpy ‘chicken skin’ of keratosis pilaris on arms or thighs
  • Thick buildup of dead skin on elbows, knees, or ankles that makes skin look dirty

What’s the Fix?

ultra-fast aha skin smoothing kitTry my new AHA skin care! It is dermatologist-created to exfoliate correctly, so you get awesome results pronto: soft, smooth, healthy, youthful skin that looks great in shorts, sandals, tees and sundresses! This new kit has a light texture and “high octane” glycolic acid lotion that hydrates, but does not leave you feeling like you just basted yourself in thick lotion. You’ve been asking me to create a AHA body care kit with a lighter feel, and now we have it! It's the same AHA power and goodness without the heaviness.

Kit Contents

Buff with the Salux in the shower, and the companion AHA cleanser found in the kit to prep your skin so you get results fast. This is your summer skin saver, and I know you will love it! My new lotion is so light that applying a sunless tanner first works wonders. It'll be perfect for warm weather and humidity, and adds a little “glistening” with that golden glow. self-tanning lotion After buffing and cleansing, apply the lotion or your tanner and then the lotion. Check out my popular sunless tanner infographic for tips on application with natural results. self-tanner infographic

Bring On the Summer Weather and Skin-bearing Fashions – We’re Ready!