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Enjoy The Dermatologist's 100% Natural, Ultra-Hypoallergenic Shower Gel

Enjoy The Dermatologist's 100% Natural, Ultra-Hypoallergenic Shower Gel

An Economic, Hypoallergenic Shower Gel For The Most Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, check out my latest video below. Here, I talk about my 100% Natural, Ultra-Hypoallergenic Shower Gel. It's great for people with eczema-prone skin, and it's free of sulfates and artificial natural hypoallergenic shower gel

Made from entirely organic ingredients and the 300-year-old art of soap making, this shower gel is unscented. You’ll enjoy the clean, invigorating suds without exposing yourself to the botanical essences that are notorious allergens.

This unique and all-natural glycerin-rich cleanser is hard on dirt and oil. But, it’s gentle on your skin because the glycerin hydrates naturally.

You can use it in the shower, or have a bottle right next to the sink for easy hand washing. 

I've formulated it so that you simply apply it to damp skin with your palms or an exfoliating cloth, and rinse it off. It’s great for shaving and an all-in-one product that’s non-toxic and easy on the environment.

Convenient and economical, the entire family will have healthy, happy skin!

Check it out in my video below, or buy it directly here, and let me know what you think.