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My Best Acne Skin Care Posts From 2010

In 2010 I've been on a mission to get real medical information on the web about acne. There's a lot of misinformation out their, all aimed at selling products and attracting readers.  I see too many acne patients confused by this and their suffering gets prolonged when they get off on the wrong self-treatment path. Acne isn't just one disease and that's the problem.  In 2010, I tried to cover some of the common types of acne that people miss and doctors misdiagnose.  I can't diagnose over the web, but I can give readers information they can take to their doctors and that might help everyone think outside of the usual box.  Looking back, here are what I think were...

My Best Acne Blog Posts Of 2010

Treating Teenage Acne; Dermatologist's Complete Info To Clear Acne Fast Pityrosporum Folliculitis; Could This Be Why Your Acne Won't Go Away 4 Diet Changes That Could Improve Your Acne How To Unclog Your Clogged Pores Back and Chest Acne; Will They Ruin Your Summer Common Reasons Why Your Acne Treatment Might Not Be Working I love to teach and writing these posts was a pleasure for me.  If I can tell from the acne questions I've received via Ask Dr. Bailey, Facebook and Twitter, my readers are interested in more acne information so I'll keep it coming in 2011. Photo: Thanks and gratitude to Patrick Hoesly