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Mother's Day Specials: Find it Again Friday

Mother's Day Specials: Find it Again Friday

Dr. Bailey Skin Care is having a flash Mother's Day sale featuring Dr. Bailey's favorite skin care products for summertime. There’s no need to sweat about how to gift-wrap your Mother’s Day gift. In addition to the kit, we will provide free gift wrapping and a complimentary kit bag for your assembly. These special savings (up to 21%!) are good only until noon PST on May 7th or until supplies run out. As many of our readers know, Dr. Cynthia Bailey is a very active mother herself, spending time gardening outside or going for long walks. As a dermatologist and working mother, Dr. Bailey cares about the health and the appearance of her skin. To show appreciation for all our readers who are mothers or who want to treat their mothers, Dr. Bailey wanted to create Mother's Day skin care collections inspired from your favorite summer blog posts. Check them all out below:

The Mother's Gardening Hand Care Kit 

Dr. Bailey loves to spend time outside gardening. She has even featured her bountiful garden in many of her past blog posts. However, as any avid gardener knows, gardening is tough on your hands. Dr Bailey has previously put together the Dry Skin Hand Repair Kit to treat dry and crack hands, but she discusses other skin care concerns for gardeners in her blog post: Best Hand Care for Gardeners. Not only is moisturizing important for gardeners, but also is sun protection!

best dry hand skin care products to heal chapped skin Elta Lip Balm SPF 31 sunscreenraw elements lotion high performance natural sunscreen

That is why the Mother's Gardening Hand Care Kit is the most comprehensive kit for gardeners. It contains Dr. Bailey's Dry Skin Hand Repair Kit, the best all natural broad spectrum sunscreen Raw Elements Eco Formula (recently non-GMO certified), and Elta MD UV Lip Balm to protect your lips as well.

The Smooth Summer Legs Kit

The warm summer months are approaching and many people are already starting to wear their more skin-baring fashions: sun dresses, shorts, capris, sandals, etc. Often we fret over the appearance of our legs and want to know how to make them look satiny, tan, and smooth. Dr. Bailey shares her secrets for summertime leg skin care in her blog post: How to Get Smooth Summer Legs. In her post she explains how physical and chemical exfoliation are the key for smooth summer legs.

Anti Aging Body Kit avene professional self tanner

The Smooth Summer Legs Kit provides Dr. Bailey's personal tricks that work like a charm every time that she wants soft, dewy skin with a warm golden glow. The kit includes the combination of Dr. Bailey's Anti-Aging Body Skin Care Kit with Avene Self Tanner, which has just the right light texture to layer well under the Glytone Body Lotion.

 The Bare Necessities Anti-Aging Kit

Last week, Dr. Bailey launched our newest product: Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Night Creams. Retinol is the best non-prescription anti-aging skin care on the market. Everyone at the office has been very excited about this product and it has been literally flying off our shelves since its release. It only made sense to feature this amazing new product in our Mother's Day Sale. Dr. Bailey details all the facts you need to know about retinol in: Retinol Facts - What Retinol Can Do For Your Skin.

best skin care to reverse sun damage Retinol Intensive dermatologist recommended broad spectrum mineral zinc oxide sunscreen for all skin types

The Bare Necessities Anti-Aging Kit contains just that, the bare necessities. It includes our new powerful Retinol Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream paired with Dr. Bailey's longtime favorite broad spectrum sunscreen Citrix.

Dr. Bailey Skin Care has you set for Mother's Day with our Mother's Day Special Kits. Pick your mother’s favorite skin care items from our three special Mother’s Day Skin Care Kits, which all include a free gift wrapping and a complimentary kit bag. Sale ends May 7th at noon PST, so hurry by clicking here now.

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