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More Trials Of An Unlikely Doctor Blogger

I have to apologize to my dear and precious readers.  I goofed :( Our web site emails have been going into some deep and mysterious account somewhere at our old web hosting site and not getting to us so I didn't know you wrote them. I wondered why all of a sudden things were so quiet.  I was even getting melancholy about it.  I'd been getting great feedback and questions from you-then nothing.  I tried all sorts of things to stimulate feedback and more questions for 'Ask. Dr. Bailey'.....but just silence.  We fished around, trying to figure it out with our newbie tech skills, but found nothing-until the end of last month. Well, long story short, our email account was not transferred from our old web host to our new one.  We had been forced to change web hosts in the summer because we were one of the many web sites attacked by the evil blog hackers (that was traumatic!).  I didn't correlate the silence with the account transfer.  I thought it was my content (articles not piquing your interest, you were on vacation and not reading about skin care, information so complete that you had no questions, information so boring that you were reading it and falling asleep etc. ). I'm thrilled-and mortified-to find out that it was a tech glitch and our learning curve. I'm now frenetically working to respond to all the emails and there are a bunch of fantastic questions for future Ask Dr. Bailey posts.  Yippee!!! I chock this up to another one of those #@$! growth opportunities.  I've acquired another new tech skill that I never dreamed I'd have in that I now know a lot more about web hosts, a term which 2 years ago I couldn't even use in a sentence.  So dear readers, here's to a fun fall and winter of conversations between us all on my favorite topic, skin care.   Keep those questions coming and we'll have some fun with 'Ask Dr. Bailey'. Photo gratitude and attribution