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3 Skin Care Solutions Every Guy Should Know

3 Skin Care Solutions Every Guy Should Know

Men's tips to fight facial dandruff and more from the dermatologist

For many guys, daily skin care is not on their radar. Bathroom grooming time is short, and a check in the mirror is best described as a fly-by.

My male dermatology patients have taught me that they want quick solutions for their skin problems. What’s important is that their skin - the largest, and most visible organ on their body - can look great with minimal effort. The trick is using targeted products daily.

1. Curb facial dandruff.

It looks like dry skin but it’s not. Wash with Calming Zinc daily and dandruff flakes disappear.

2. Repair dry skin.

Apply a simple face cream after washing. Apply a simple body lotion after the shower to arms and legs. Apply my Natural Face and Body Lotion within 3 minutes after toweling skin dry.

If you have oily facial skin, use my Daily Face Cream for Oily to Normal Skin.

3. Treat trouble areas such as eyes and hands.

Crow’s feet and undereye circles add years to your appearance, and can make you look tired when you are not. Apply my Advanced Corrective Eye Cream twice a day to brighten the eye area so that you look as vital as you feel.

Hands take a beating, ending up rough, dry and even cracking. Keep my Dry Skin Hand Cream by one of your sinks and apply it a few times a day after washing your hands. Get soft hands everyone wants to hold or shake with this simple step.

For more information on these products, and to get the best men's skin care you need to look your best, click here.