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Memorial Day Sunburn Can Lead to Skin Cancer

Memorial Day Sunburn Can Lead to Skin Cancer

Are You Planning to Get a Sunburn This Memorial Day Weekend?

Have you in the past? Have your children, friends, or spouse?

Memorial Day Weekend is the ‘gateway to sunny fun’ for us all! I always think about having friends over for a BBQ, going for a hike, going to the beach, or an activity that involves hours and hours in the sun. Are your plans similar?

Don’t let your skin fry! That sunburn will seal a disastrous fate for your skin. The statistics and facts on sunburns and cancer are horrible. Even one bad sunburn in childhood doubles your risk of developing melanoma down the road. Melanoma, in particular can kill in the most tragic way. Having 5 or more sunburns between the ages of 15 and 20 increases your risk of melanoma by 80%, and other skin cancers by 68%.

Though we love the sun and being out in it for Memorial Day, we need to be ready in the smartest way. Here is a list of must-haves for hours in the sun:

  • Sun protective clothing. I trust Coolibar the most; their fiber technology is the best on the market
  • Shade that moves with you. Try  a proper sun hat (not visor or ball cap – sorry!)
  • A convenient sun umbrella if you are “not a hat person”
  • Mineral sunscreen to cover unprotected skin


To know your UV risk, sun up to sun down (mornings and later afternoons are still risky), click here for supplies with my dermatological stamp of approval. I’m a skin cancer specialist in California and I’ve watched these products continually work for my patients. I know what you can trust for your skin. Please don’t let Memorial Day Weekend start a summer of sun burning. To help keep you safe, I'm offering something special!

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The code is valid until the end of May. Please also share my sun protection infographic with your loved ones. This will help everyone protect their skin from the lovely, but harmful warm weather.

To learn more about sunburns, download my FREE ebook on Sunburns. It is packed with info that will truly save lives. Share it too, I want everyone smart and sun-safe this year.