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AAD Melanoma Monday 2014

Melanoma Monday Is Today, May 5th

Melanoma Monday AAD 2014 May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month and today is Melanoma Monday.

It's perfect timing because you need to be prepared as life here in the Northern Hemisphere moves outdoors from now until fall. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) has great resources for you as part of its Melanoma Monday and Skin Cancer Awareness Month program - these resources are FREE!!!   Be ready for safe fun in the sun with these FREE AAD resources.  Here are the links:

The first FREE AAD resource is this great infographic for melanoma.

Click on the picture and it will take you the AAD page where you can download the infographic. Put it on your smart phone or your computer. Print it out, email it, read it, and share it with the people you love! Remember, when caught early, melanoma is beatable!

melonoma Monday AAD How to SPOT Skin Cancer Infographic

The second great AAD resource is an easy-to-read infographic on how to pick a sunscreen.

Click on the picture and download it for free too.

melanoma monday how-to-select-a-sunscreen-infographic


Another huge AAD resource is their FREE SKIN CANCER SCREENING locator

There are free skin cancer screenings across the country this month. Skin cancer screening saves lives! Click here to find the FREE SKIN CANCER SCREENING nearest you - take your loved ones and go get screened! Remember, most skin cancers are treatable and beatable when caught early.

AAD free skin cancer screening program

AAD's Free Skin Cancer and Sun-Safe Educational Resources

Lastly, the AAD has a whole bunch of free educational resources you can download - yes, for free. Have a browse. There are fliers, posters, videos, handouts, and more. Consider making this info available to the people in your community. The more we all spread the message the faster we will stop the skin cancer epidemic. Melanoma Monday Skin Cancer month summer sun safeFor more of my advice on sun protection please see my articles listed below.   To see the sunscreens I trust for my family, my patients, and myself, click here.

.......become a sun-protection expert - enjoy the sun without the sun damage - and bring on summer!  

If you have found these Melanoma Monday/Skin Cancer Awareness Month resources helpful, please share, “like,” Google+, tweet, and “pin the infographics” using the social sharing buttons above and below this blog post. Share with friends and family and everybody wins.
      Photo attribution: Andrew Plewes