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Melanoma Monday Check-in

Melanoma Monday Check-in

Is Your Skin Ready for the Sun?

Do you have your sun protection tool kit ready?

Do you need a skin cancer check?

Melanoma Monday is May 7th in 2018. It’s that ribbon on your finger to remind you to check in with yourself.

Do you have a skin spot you are worried about and that needs checking?

When was your last skin check?

Do you know if you or someone you love are at high risk for skin cancer?

Skin checks save lives and they are painless.

May is also Skin Cancer Awareness Month – Thanks to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), my peeps!

It’s been going on for over 30 years, as long as I’ve been a dermatologist. I feel very strongly about Melanoma Monday and Skin Cancer Awareness Month.

Did you know you can get a FREE skin exam as part of the AAD’s Spot Skin Cancer program?

Click here to find one near you.

Dermatologists have been volunteering across the country for 30 years – I’m one of them. I’ve done a ton of these events and found so many cancers at them that it gives me chills. Really, go get your skin examined by a pro. It’s our professional life’s mission to do these screenings.

Learn how to perform your own regular skin exams.

In between visits to a dermatologist, it’s your eyes that are on duty. The AAD has a great video on how to do a good self exam. Click here to see it.

The AAD has created a nice Body Mole Map guide to help you keep track of your moles and to learn which might be suspicious for melanoma. Remember, melanoma is highly treatable when caught early, which is why your self skin exam is so important. Click here to get the guide.

Watch for Skin Cancer

Learn the signs of melanoma.

Keep track of your moles and the moles on those people you love and who are precious to you. Partners are often the life savers when it comes to the early detection of melanoma. It’s why the AAD says, “Who’s got your back?”

Take a good look at each other’s skin – Yes, I mean it – Is there anything worrisome? If so, make an appointment with your dermatologist and get it looked at professionally. Saving lives with early detection happens every day in our offices. It’s the good news about skin cancer.

Lastly, take inventory of your sun protection supplies.

Do you have a good plan and the tools you need?

Click here to learn more and for the advice that I give to my patients, as a dermatologist who is committed to preventing skin cancer.

Click here to see the sun protection products and sunscreens that I trust for myself, my family and my patients.