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Melanoma Monday and Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Melanoma Monday and Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Melanoma Monday and Skin Cancer Awareness Month mark the beginning of the sun exposure season in the Northern Hemisphere. It's a perfect time to consider your sun protection strategy for the coming summer months. Finding perfect sunscreens and sun protective clothing - and using them - will go a long way for keeping your skin healthy, strong and attractive for years to come. It's never too late because sun damaged skin can always get worse!

Dermatologist explains why May is the perfect time to check in with your skin and prepare your sun protection strategy.

You’ve probably noticed that the media talks about skin cancer and melanoma at the start of May each year. It’s because May is officially Skin Cancer Awareness Month. The first Monday in May is Melanoma Monday. In 2019, Melanoma Monday is May 6th.

Use the media attention to think about your and your family’s skin and how you plan to protect it from UV rays as the weather warms up. May is the ideal time to take stock of your skin and sun protection. The weather is about to draw you outside – weddings, graduation ceremonies, picnics, sporting events, hiking, camping, swimming – it’s all about to happen, and you’re taking your skin outdoors for hours. It’s time to get ready!

I have resources to make this easy.

Step 1: Look over your skin for melanoma.

Enlist a family member to help you see the areas that you can’t, such as your back.

Make sure everyone gets there skin looked over. See my infographic that helps you know what to look for – it’s ABCDE easy!

Watch for Skin Cancer
Skin Cancer Prevention Infographic

Step 2: Get a smart sun protection strategy ready.

What is Melanoma? Get Sun Protection tips.

See my infographic which tells you to cover as much expanse of skin with sun protective clothing and then ASK:

Apply broad spectrum SPF 30+ zinc oxide sunscreen on all uncovered skin. My Sheer Strength products provide great protection for all skin types.

Seek and create shade with a hat or sun umbrella. Be that person that stands in the shade instead of the direct sun too!

Know your exposure by using a tool like the UV Detecto Ring.

Find dermatologist-recommended sun protection with my
Sunsavvy Around Town Kit,
Sunsavvy Ready for Fun and
my individual sun protection products.

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