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Dermatologist Explains Melanoma Essentials

Dermatologist Explains Melanoma Essentials

What Do You Need To Know To Protect Your Skin?

Check out the latest video on melanoma essentials from dermatologist, Dr. Cynthia Bailey.

Learn the melanoma essentials here.

In preparation for summer, and all the hopeful opportunities you have to enjoy warmer days outdoors, let me get you up to speed on melanoma essentials.

My latest video covers "Melanoma – Dermatologist’s Info on What, Why, Who, and How Not to Die from It." 
  • Do you know exactly what Melanoma is?
    It’s not a catch-all name for all skin cancer as I’ve heard some believe over the years... sort of like the term "Kleenex" is used for all facial tissues.

  • Do you know if you’re at higher risk of getting this deadly, and not so uncommon skin cancer?

  • Do you know that if caught early, melanoma is curable, and if caught late, it's hard to cure?
    You may not know what “early” and “late” mean in this context – They are not exactly about time. 
Let’s get you crystal clear on MM so you can enjoy a summer filled with fun in the sun – smart, safe and SunSavvy!

Reduce your risk for melanoma and know this information! 

Watch the video here on my channel.