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Makeup 101 - What Should Happen Before, During & After Makeup Application

3 Simple Makeup 101 Tip                       Danielle’s room was softly lit with relaxation music playing in the background, the prominent window on the far wall casting ambient light to the accompaniment of a panoramic meadow view. She smiled and welcomed me in for our makeup consultation. I wouldn’t classify the two butterflies in my stomach as nervousness so much as an awareness that I was about to have someone looking at my skin close up and noticing the imperfections. Working as an esthetician  for 13 years, and for Dr. Bailey for three of those, Danielle Key knows her way around skin products with ease. She’s used to seeing people with skin issues, so a little (okay, a lot) dry and dull skin is normal to her. She had makeup spread out for me to look over, little gray cases of pressed powder, loose powder, shades of eye shadow and what looked like an apron full of makeup brushes. “The first thing to know about applying makeup,” Danielle explained, “is hydration. Your face needs to be well-nourished.” I told her I used coconut oil but that I still had flaky spots. Apparently, exfoliation is also an important step. "Exfoliating at least two times a week will slough off old dead skin cells and  allow new skin cells to circulate up to the surface." If people don't exfoliate, dead skin cells have a way of creeping up even if moisturizer is used, resulting in makeup looking flaky, according to Danielle. "An important tip," she added, "is to do this manual exfoliation at night so that the skin  has time to heal itself." And just in case you were ready to add this brilliant suggestion to your nightly routine, keep in mind -  too much exfoliation can cause dryness and dehydration. Start out just a little and adding as you go, to make sure the skin can handle it. Next, we moved on the the actual makeup. “When people come in for a color consultation," she said, "we usually start at the jawline to match colors.” She pointed to the pressed and loose powders. I asked what is probably a rookie question: what’s the difference between pressed and loose? “Pressed powders give more coverage and absorb oil. It is a matte finish. Loose powder is more natural. It’s a dusting you just brush over the skin.” She showed me several cases of pressed powder with multiple shades that's used when they can’t find an exact match with other colors.
Danielle massaging a patient during a facial at Dr. Bailey's office.
There’s also younger skin versus mature skin, something to pay attention to when choosing loose or pressed. “You have to be careful with mature skin because loose powder can really get into the creases. When it comes to anti-aging, it’s about hydration and removing dead skin cells so that makeup looks smooth.” We moved on to the Trios – Dr. Bailey’s pressed powder eye shadows. She chose Mulberry to complement my blue eyes and walked me through how to apply it by showing me on a paper model. They also have loose powder eye shadows, which can double as cheek shimmer. The loose eye shadow comes in little round containers that screw on top of each other. It tickled the organizer (hidden deep) in me. After Danielle washed, cleansed and moisturized my skin, she began to apply the pressed powder. “The mineral makeup Dr. Bailey created doesn’t have preservatives, nano-particles, fillers or irritating chemicals,” she explained. When she finished applying the foundation, eye shadow and eye-liner ("always in the lash line," she said) she handed me a mirror. I was so relaxed - thanks to the atmosphere, Danielle’s gentle touch and the music - it took me a minute to focus. My skin looked fantastic! The pressed powder really did cover and correct my winter-damaged skin. Obviously, I still had some work to do at home with exfoliating, but the results were impressive! Danielle went on to tell me how important it was to wash my makeup brushes in antibacterial soap and water. Bacteria can grow on the brushes, so it’s important to wash them once a week; otherwise you might breakout in reaction. The biggest lesson of the day: we women struggle with makeup so often, but just a few quick makeup 101 steps make all the difference not only in appearance, but also in the health of our skin. I left feeling luminescent and ready to make a facial appointment. Yes, Danielle is that good.

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