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Look Better by Friday Event!

Look Better by Friday Event!

Have you been wondering – and wanting – a little ‘something’ to ‘fix’ the things that age is doing to your face?

We all do. For me, it’s the jowls. Then there’s the brow furrows, the crow’s feet, the lip lines etc etc….

Noninvasive cosmetic injections are near instant gratification. When you have ‘a little work’ done on a Tuesday, you’ll look fresher, more well-rested, and a little younger by Friday. It’s that fast - and fun to experience the difference!

Andrea, our Cosmetic Nurse Practitioner-Extraordinaire, is an artist with a natural aesthetic and a realistic sense of what looks good in Sonoma County. No Real Housewives of Beverly Hills coming out of this office! Just people that look very much like themselves -- a little younger, fresher and better all of a sudden.

Curious if there is actually an easy treatment that fits your wish-list?

Make an appointment with Andrea and ask questions. The consultation is free! She’s a wizard with non-invasive procedures and she makes them near painless. Her competence and experience is a comfort. In fact, Andrea’s treatments have taken years off of the appearance of each of the gals here in the office. We are all thrilled. Andrea uses only the ultra-safe, Allergan family of products trusted for years by Dr. Bailey. These include:

The Juvederm family of hyaluronic acid fillers

Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the skin that is lost with age. It can be used as a treatment to replace lost volume in the cheeks (responsible for face sags and jowls). Hyaluronic acid fillers are also used to reverse the dower downturn of the mouth and smile that comes with age.

Have you noticed your lips are also turning in? Just a touch of hyaluronic acid brings them back out. With artistic placement, hyaluronic acid filler returns the youthful facial shape (heart shaped instead of square), softens or reverses wrinkles, revitalizes lips and gives the overlying skin a youthful hydrated glow – and it’s natural!


Neuromodulators are actually Botox, and they are a safe Allergan product used for over 25 years. First developed and used in children to treat lazy eye, Botox has been proven safe. It relaxes tense muscles in the face that cause angry-looking brow furrows, crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles and more. Muscle tension also lowers your eyebrow over time. Treatment with Botox is simple and nearly painless in Andrea’s hands. Expect a subtle brow lift, return of a rounder and more open eye shape, softer brow furrow and accordion-like wrinkling of the forehead.

Studies have even shown the psycho-social impact of Botox goes beyond wrinkle reduction. Botox treatment eases angst by softening the brow furrow much the way making a smile makes a person feel more at ease. It’s a very interesting experience, and one we all very much like here in the office!

Yes, you can look – and feel – better by Friday, with a near ‘magical’ non-invasive treatment done by Andrea on Tuesday!

Schedule a free consultation with Andrea and learn what she has to say about those little ‘fixes’ you’ve been fantasizing about. It’s really that easy!

If you decide to have a treatment before June 15th, you’ll also receive a free 1 hour facial with Danielle done 2 weeks after your injection. Double benefit to the look and feel of your facial skin!