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Life Expectancy on the Rise. Will Your Skin Hold Up?

Life Expectancy on the Rise. Will Your Skin Hold Up?

According to a study released in Lancet in February, life expectancy will increase to almost 90 by the year 2030. Countries with healthy diets and lifestyles, as well as access to health care are predicted to top 90 years of age!

It’s good news, and also begs the question – will your skin be ready? Is your largest organ being well cared for now, so that it’s ready for extra years of service in your increasing lifespan?

Skin Thinning

Do you know most skin fragility and thinning you may suffer from with age is due to UV damage? UV exposure starts an enzyme cascade that dissolves skin collagen. UV exposure is the cause of thin skin that tears and bruises easily.

Learn how to stop skin thinning by employing the best sun protection practices while you live that healthy lifestyle. You want to be outside getting fresh air and exercise. Do it without the skin thinning UV exposure by following my proven sun protection advice. It’s more than just wearing sunscreen. Be ready for those extra years with both a healthy body and durable skin.

What else can prevent skin fragility and keep your skin healthy as you age?

  1. Retinoids: skin care products with vitamin A compounds will help turn on collagen synthesis to rebuild lost collagen. The scientific mechanism is proven and well-established. Choices include prescription tretinoin or stable and pharmaceutical-grade retinol products, like my Retinol Intensive Night Cream.
  2. Glycolic Acid Skin Care: this AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) is capable of stimulating skin's hyaluronic acid production to help hydrate and keep skin supple from the inside out. It also helps reduce skin scaling and age-related keratosis that becomes irritated over time. Use the products in my Ultimate AHA Body Skin Care Kit and my Glycolic Acid Face Creams.
  3. Antioxidant Skin Care Boosters: green tea and vitamin C are proven to reduce free radical damage to skin. Not all products work because antioxidants oxidize – meaning they break down if they are poorly produced. My Green Tea Skin Therapy and Professional Vitamin C Serum are stable and produced by a pharmaceutical grade facility. You can trust their stability.


How do you incorporate all this into a practical skin care routine that fights skin aging?

Best Facial Anti-aging Skin Care:



  • Protect with your choice of my zinc-oxide based sunscreens:

Sheer Strength for oily skin

Suntegrity for dry skin

Sheer Strength Spray for all skin types



Body Care

  • Cleanse, Correct and Hydrate with my Ultimate Body Smoothing Skin Care Kit
  • Protect with sun protective clothing or sunscreen matched to your activities. See my sun protection pages to help you decide!

Congratulations, we will be living longer than ever before – let’s get our skin ready!


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