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Last-Minute Skin Care Gifts Ideas for the Sensitive Skin Person on Your List


winter weather and holiday skin care giftsDr. Bailey has last-minute skin care gifts that are "winter must-haves" for your loved ones with sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin folks become skin care obsessed - out of need - because sensitive skin is a daily struggle. Finding the right product is like scratching an uber-vexing itch, literally. Be the hero by letting me help! I'm a sensitive skin dermatologist, which led to me being a sensitive skin expert, with a medical practice full of sensitive skin people. Believe me, together we've tried it all - and I've developed skin care products that work for even the most sensitive of us. Here are Four Sensitive Skin Must-Haves for Winter: #1 Sensitive Skin Must-Have for Winter: A Hypoallergenic Deeply Hydrating Moisturizer Winter pulls water out of our skin for so many reasons, and when you have sensitive skin, that’s code for "your skin’s water barrier is deranged and weaker that everyone else’s." Sensitive skin people need to "lock and load" moisturizer over and over, so that every minute they "have it in the moisture bank" to get through winter. Most moisturizers are not rich enough in the right water-binding ingredients. Mine are – because I’m a dermatologist ingredient geek with a practice full of patients with sensitive skin. And, here are the well-loved moisturizers from my sensitive skin practice: Daily Face Cream for Normal to Oily SkinDaily Moisturizing Face Cream Normal to Oily Skin (oil free for acne-prone complexions)         Daily Moisturizing Face Cream Dry to Normal SkinDaily Face Cream for Dry to Normal Skin            All Natural Face and Body Lotion or Natural Face and Body  Butter Cream Natural Face and Body Butter CreamAll Natural Face, Hand and Body Lotion #2 Sensitive Skin Must-Have for Winter: A Hypoallergenic Lip Balm Last Minute Skin Care Gifts winter lip bals hypoallergenic for sensitive skin...for the same reason as #1. Know that most "healing lip balms" don’t actually heal! They contain ingredients aimed to heal, but instead, they taunt allergens to the hyperactive sensitive skin immune constitution and result in the dreaded "allergic chelitis" cycle of "lip chapping/lip balm applying" that is really an allergic reaction to the darn lip balm. Never, never, never should a sensitive skin person use anything but hypoallergenic lip balm ... and that’s why my sensitive skin patients and I only use Ceralip. #3 Sensitive Skin Must-Have for Winter: Hand Care that Controls Chapping and Keeps You from Passing around the Flu The hand washing/sanitizing mania of flu phobia season and winter go hand in hand to create the perfect storm for cracked and painful hands, a.k.a., irritant hand dermatitis in Medicalish. We know that the deranged and weak skin barrier of the sensitive skin constitution can’t handle it. You need to wash away cold and flu germs without overly stripping your precious few skin oils. And, again, you need to have a flush account in the skin "moisture bank" because you obsessively "lock and load" oil and moisture over and over again after washing with a product that is NOT gross and greasy. I know because I touch human germs all day long and my Hippocratic Oath is pledged to do no harm with them – these sensitive skin hands have figured out the best hand care on the planet. It’s all wrapped up in a tidy gift bag because it’s one of my causes in life to pass this knowledge on. I've done that with my Busy Hand Kit - just the essentials to heal chapped hands. Best Winter Hand Lotion and Soap #4 Sensitive Skin Must-Have for Winter: eGift Certificates so Your Loved Ones Can Browse on Their Own for the Best Sensitive Skin Care Not sure what to give but want to give something right on the money while letting your skin care obsessed sensitive skin loved ones "browse themselves brilliant" into my dermatology degree? I’ve got eGift Certificates. Yep, let them spend hours reading what I have to say on sensitive skin, along with sun protection. It’s a topic I could go on for hours about because I see SO many mistakes made by the suffering sensitive skin community (my peeps) who believe the false advertising claims of skin care products and have a rash to prove it. This topic is MY topic, and I want to help.  Want to wrap it all up in one of my cool geeky bags? sensitive skin care gift bagPresentation is important. I’ve got really cool reusable gift bags too because I love my logo with the deranged atom. It’s the perfect lunch bag or the "I’ve got to carry a little bit of stuff around, but what do I put it in?" bag. Wishing you and your sensitive skin skin care geek loved ones a lovely holiday season, Holiday Greetings from the Dr. Bailey Skin Care Team  P.S. Don’t forget that Dr. Bailey has put together many of your favorite skin care products into holiday collections with a 20% savings.  Give these great skin care gifts with a FREE gift bag while supplies last through Dec. 18th. After December 18th? Don't worry, we have you covered! You can give our eGift Certificates right up to the last minute!!