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Last Days of Our Summer Sun Protection Challenge – Don't Miss Out!

sun protection Sunscreens for summer

Today (July 17, 2014) is the last day of Dr. Bailey’s Summer Sun Protection Challenge. (Now Closed)

Don't miss your last chance to enter!


Entering this Sun Protection challenge is simple.

There are five ways you can win, including:

  1. Completing a quick form.
  2. Leaving a comment about your favorite Dr. Bailey Skin Care product.
  3. Sharing a picture on Twitter.
  4. Signing up on our Facebook page on the special "Sun Protection Challenge tab on top of page
  5. Sing in and write a short review on Google+. (Double entry bonus in the last 2 days)
You can enter as many as five times (one time for each option above). For specific rules to enter, check out the original Sun Protection Challenge post.

Thanks for Your Support

So far, there have been more than 600 entries! Thank you to everyone who has participated! You have not only given yourself a chance to win free skin care products, but you have also showed your dedication to taking care of using proper sun protection and taking care of your skin. That is the greatest reward for all of us at Dr. Bailey Skin Care. The main goal of Dr. Bailey and her entire staff is to help you get healthier, younger-looking skin!

Join Our Growing List of Winners!

Each week of this challenge, we have awarded various prizes and weekly coupons. Congratulations to our winners:
  1. Denise Obringer
  2. Janean Curry
  3. Jamie Krutza
  4. Kim Norwood
Will you be our final winner? Enter today!

Don't Miss This Week's Special Grand Finale Bonus

If you enter the Summer Sun Protection Challenge (or have already entered), you can save 20% off of your entire order! This offer is good today and tomorrow  (7/16/2014 - 7/17/2014) only. Don't miss the chance to save on your skin care needs.

Thanks Again for Your Wonderful Comments!

There have been so many wonderful comments and product recommendations from all of you. Thank you so much! We wish we could include every comment, but here's just a sampling of what you've said so far:
"Love the sun protection hats for women!" "I feel like a southern belle in it because it is stylish, but I am also reassured that it is keeping me looking fresh like a belle by protecting my skin!" - Gina Marcy   "My favorite is the 15%Glycolic Acid cream." "It feels like liquid silk, so smooth on application." - Carol B.   "I love the Citrix facial sunscreen because it is so creamy and dissolves into my skin within seconds." "It feels so soft and does not leave an “oily” feeling. I have been using this on my face daily for over 3 months now and it has actually improved my complexion reducing redness and irritation brought on by retinol. I have tried numerous other brands for faces only and I will never go back." - Teri Fernandez   "Several of your products have been life changers for me." "Calming Zinc Bar soap has for the first time in my life, calmed my facial redness and flaking. Suntegrity is heavenly and glides on like butter (no pilling, yea!). And how could I forget my Replenix power of three cream!!! Love them all!" - Jody Ralston   "I love the UV warning rings! "They are inexpensive, handy tools that will help me know when reapplying sunscreen is necessary. I love these simple solutions, and the rings definitely fit the bill!" - Krista Lee   "My husband and I are very happy to have "discovered" Dr. Bailey’s zinc soap, for my rosacea and his variety of autoimmune itchies." Clua Goodwin   "I use the RAW Elements ECO 30 which I ordered off of Dr Cynthia Baileys’ website. I love this product. For one, it absolutely does what it says. It stays on even after I exercise and my face and body get wet. In fact, I have to scrub it off in the bath. It also really protects against sunburn. I went to a cosmetic counter in Dillards the other day and the consultant said that my face was lighter than the rest of my skin, so I had to tell her what I used!" - Melinda McGee
Thanks again for everyone who has participated! Your healthy skin is our reward!