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Facekini sun protection fad

Just for fun..... The Facekini!

Facekini sun protection fadHave you seen this latest sun protection fashion fad?  If not, you've got to take a look! China has bested us in the sun-phobe geek department.  Part of me chuckles and part of me loves the idea. I'm always looking for innovative sun protection ideas but....... would I go this far?  I'm not sure, but maybe.......... It's Labor Day Weekend this weekend, which means it's our final blast for outdoor sun and fun.  Please remember to sun protect this weekend - use all the sun protection resources you know to use including:
  1. Head for shade
  2. Wear a big brimmed hat that covers the top of your scalp
  3. Wear sun protective clothing to cover as much skin as you can
  4. Wear sun glasses
  5. Apply your SPF 30 or higher broad spectrum sunscreen properly.  See my Sunscreen Comparison Chart to find the right product for your skin and preferences.
To get a refresher on how to take good care of your skin in the sun please click here to read What's The Best Sun Protection for Swimming, Hiking, Gardening, Outdoor Sports and For People Who Work Outside? To read more about the Facekini phenomenon click through to Behind The Wall on


Have a lovely weekend!