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Join Dr. Bailey's Team Fundraising For Breast Cancer

Breast cancer hit me and my team in August, three years ago. So far we’ve survived - and we’ve been fundraising annually ever since.

Please join us in this year's fundraising efforts. We are making it a party and celebration of life!!

September and October are our cancer months! I, Dr. Cynthia Bailey, am a BRCA cancer gene mutation carrier. My BRCA1 gene mutation gave me the horribly aggressive and dreaded, high grade triple negative breast cancer (this BRCA gene gives all of its carriers a nearly 90% likelihood of getting this deadly breast cancer - a time bomb I didn't know I carried). After defeating my breast cancer, I went on to previve my risk of ovarian cancer (my same BRCA gene gives its carriers a 40% risk of ovarian cancer, and this is what took my grandmother at age 57) by having my ovaries removed. Prostate cancer is also part of the BRCA cancer risk collection. So here is where you fit in!

My team and I are fundraising for the American Cancer Society this year. And you can help us during this active cancer advocacy season.

  • September is Ovarian and Prostate Cancer Month. Our fundraising and story sharing begins now.
  • The last week of September is Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Awareness Week. During this time we will tell you about FORCE, the advocacy organization that so dearly supported me in my personal fight. Who knew the cancer advocacy community would become my people?? But they sure are!!
  • October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. My office and community are walking with me as Dr. Bailey's Team in the American Cancer Society’s event, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, on October 8th. 
And I invite you to join us! 

1. Walk with us and fundraise as part of our team for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer on October 8th!  

The walk takes place in Rohnert Park, Northern California. By "Joining Our Team" you can begin getting pledes and help raise funds to save lives from breast cancer.  This disease has touched us all, and so we are walking and raising money for every one of us.  We are in this fight together.

2. If you can’t walk with us then join in spirit by pledging a donation to our team

For everyone that walks or pledges to our team I will throw a party on October 8th after the walk! I haven't figured out how, when or where - but if you pledge or walk with us then my team and I will let you know! Let’s raise some serious money to fight Breast Cancer and save lives like mine. Please share this post with your friends to increase our impact together. Share my Facebook Page to broadcast the effort and increase our pledges. Tweet and Pin us too. Let’s watch our fundraising thermometer raise some heat!    We will keep you up to date with our fundraising progress on social media. And may even have contests for those join the conversation and stay connected! Want to read more of Dr. Bailey's cancer-related posts? We have many. Here are a few: