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It Takes A Virtual Village To Get Quality Skin Health Information To Readers On The Web With my Dermatology Blog

It Takes A Virtual Village To Get Quality Skin Health Information To Readers On The Web With my Dermatology Blog

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I'm ecstatic and filled with gratitude to be making friends on the web who are helping me get my message out through my dermatology blog about healthy skin care. Using the web to get high quality and scientifically sound skin care information out to the world as a lone physician takes help from a lot of friends and colleagues -- with the web it's a virtual village.

The web is filled with mountains of misinformation in the beauty and skin care 'niche'. Good information won't make it to you, the reader, unless the search engines bring your attention to it. Getting any notice from the search engines is a big job on the topic of skin care because of all the noise made by the zillions of advertisers and spam makers. It takes the help of the virtual village to rise above the commotion, and I'm thrilled to have it. Every time one of my new virtual friends helps me spread the word about my skin health blog posts and twitter tweets the search engines hear me just a little bit better. The more that happens, the more likely you are to find me on one of the first search pages when you're looking on the web for skin care and skin health information.

Putting high quality health information on the web where people with skin problems can find it is my goal. I am a practicing dermatologist who spends her days seeing patients and her free time writing for my readers. My dermatology blog has become a creative passion, and a way to meet new people around the world. I'm grateful for all my web friends in this virtual village and would like to say 'thank you'. Some of the recent help I've received from my web friends includes:

  • who selected me as one of the top sources on the web for skin health information in May. is a new search service that brings quality health care information from both the web and social media to people searching for specific health advice. Experts are listed on profile pages and the quality of their online activity and information is ranked. I'm pleased to have been nominated for and included in this new search technology.
  • Dr. Jeffrey Benabio (aka has added my blog to his blog roll! Dr. Benabio is the pioneer dermatology blogger and we owe him a huge debt of gratitude for blazing the trail. His quality health information has helped millions of readers take good care of their skin and I'm thrilled to be included on his blog roll.

I look forward to working with the members of our virtual village as we build credible and scientifically sound health care information resources that are accessible to you, the reader, as you search the web for health information.

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