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Introduction To Yoga Class Starting In Sebastopol

Anyone who has followed my blog over it's first year knows that I'm a big fan of yoga.

Yoga keeps me able to bend over my patients, and because I love my career, that makes yoga nothing short of a life-saver for me.

My patients know this and for those of you who were thinking about starting yoga based on our conversations, now is the perfect time; my beloved yoga teacher Kashi is offering a new intro to yoga class series. This is one of those rare opportunities to get the ultimate introduction to yoga from a real master.  She'll start you in such an organized and logical way that you'll have an amazingly solid yoga foundation. If you've struggled with yoga before it's because you didn't get this foundation. Here's your chance to set that right and reap the life-long benefits of yoga that are so talked about!

When Kashi does a  yoga intro series it's just plain fantastic.  It starts Feb 27th and runs for 6 weeks.  It's a great way to emerge from winter ready for spring.  Prepare to re-experience your body in a new way.

Click here to get more info on the yoga intro series at Devi Yoga Center.

Kashi teaches a type of yoga called TriYoga.  In TriYoga, we spend most of the time moving in 'flows' between yoga positions, thus strengthening both our large muscle groups and the smaller supporting muscles of our joints.  The positions also stretch the body and the breath is choreographed into the 'flows' allowing it to become meditative as well as good for the lungs.  It's been unbelievably good for me. For those of us extremely rational, western scientific types, yoga is now scientifically proven to improve key elements of our health.  I did a medical literature search looking at all the scientific studies on yoga and you can see the results here on my post The Health and Anti Aging Benefits Of Yoga. The bottom line; yoga is good for you, no matter where you are age-wise or health-wise. A good yoga teacher can tailor a class to meet where your body is now and help you to slowly improve it's vitality, flexibility and strength.

Emerge from this winter with a new vitality.

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