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Combat Ingrown Hair with Tips from the Dermatologist

Combat Ingrown Hair with Tips from the Dermatologist

Prevent this common, men’s problem and look your best

Because men have strong face and body hair, ingrown hair is a common problem for them. This can lead to cysts, scars, sores, and hyperpigmentation so it’s something to take very seriously.

Why Does Ingrown Hair Happen in Men?

When a hair gets trapped and can’t exit the skin’s surface, it becomes ingrown. This can happen when:

  • Curly hair coils up like a screwdriver, doesn’t grow straight out of the follicle and becomes trapped;

  • Hair tips become sharpened into points by shaving, and the hair shaft pierces the hair-follicle lining. When this happens, it enters the dermis (second living skin-layer), and this causes inflammation or a sore pustule; and

  • Dead skin covers the follicle opening, and growing hair can’t exit at the skin’s surface.

All of these conditions can lead to pimples and sores because when your hair enters the dermis, your skin treats it like a foreign invader and attacks it.

This results in tender skin that can develop puss and look like a sore or pimple. When it heals, it can leave a mark or permanent scar over time.

Prevent Ingrown Hairs

To avoid ingrown hairs, you can use specific products that will help your growing hair exit the follicles and successfully reach the skin’s surface.

To start, physically exfoliate your skin with a rough shower cloth or sponge. You can also use a rough scrub. This will reduce the dead skin cells that can cover up the follicle openings so that your hairs can freely exit to the skin surface.

Then, try using products with keratolytic ingredients. Keratolytics exfoliate and loosen dead skin cells with chemistry. Good keratolytic ingredients include benzoyl peroxide (which also reduces bacteria that cause pimples), salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and retinoids (such as retinol). Many of these ingredients will help reduce scarring and hyperpigmentation from the ingrown hairs, too.

best sunscreen for hairy skin

Finally, avoid UV light to reduce the possibility of melanin production that can lead to hyperpigmentation of skin where ingrown hairs are healing.

Wear a broad-spectrum mineral zinc oxide sunscreen every day, like my Sheer Strength Pure Physical Spray Sunscreen, especially if the problem is in on your face and neck.

While ingrown hairs are common among men, you don’t need to suffer.

Take action to heal your ingrown hairs with the right products and avoid future occurrences and scarring.

For help, check out the various products I recommend to help men control ingrown hair.

They make it easy to look and feel your best… just in time for the holiday season!