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eclipse 2012 photos

Images of 2012 Solar Eclipse in Sonoma County North Bay

eclipse 2012 photosSolar Eclipse 2012 was a miraculous convergence of events, and oh what a show we had!
  • The late afternoon eclipse happened on a fog-less day (we’ve had more fog than not the past few years)
  • We have a house with a stucco wall facing due west and a wisteria arbor with just the right size spaces between leaves to create the perfect eclipse crescents
  • The eclipse happened on a Sunday when we are actually home during this time of the day
Science geeks that we are, my husband and I went outside to see the eclipse armed with a pair of binoculars, a little pinhole in paper and memories of trying to see a solar eclipse as kids.  We wondered if we were ‘seeing it’, looked up to debate each other about 'it' only to find that our house was covered in the most perfect little eclipse crescents!  The crescents were splashed intricately across the stucco wall and they were beautiful.  Forget the pinhole in the paper, our wisteria arbor had made the perfect spaces to view the eclipse - wow!  It was such an otherworldly show that I have to share my images with you.  How was the eclipse in your part of the world? Eclipse 2012 Photos  
Eclipse 2012
eclipse 2012
eclipse 2012 images