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How To Treat Acne Now And Prevent 'Back To School' Pimples

You can predict that your acne will get worse after the first month of being back in school.  Start treating your acne now before school starts and keep your skin as acne free as possible throughout the school year. In my dermatology practice, my teen and college aged patients come rushing in after school starts because their acne is getting bad again. Typically, acne clears up nicely during the summer when people are outdoors and under less stress, but a month after school starts- whammo- they start getting pimples and blackheads again.  Using acne treatment products now, before acne gets worse, will help keep skin clear. This means using products that treat the acne causing germ p. acnes, and that help to to prevent clogged pores.  The result: fewer pimples and blackheads once school starts. I developed a complete acne treatment system to clear acne fast.  As a dermatologist, I know that the best acne treatment includes the right balance of treatment medicines, exfoliators and oil controllers; too much and skin gets irritated, not enough and acne doesn’t go away. To maximize results, I’ve figured out just how much treatment most people’s skin can tolerate. I’ve treated thousands of acne patients over my 25 years practicing dermatology and I developed my acne treatment system to treat my patients with acne and give them quick and sustained control of their skin. My Ultimate Acne Solutions Skin Care Kits have everything needed to clear acne fast. There are two levels: one for sensitive skin or first time acne treatment, and one for tolerant skin.  My kits come with my complete instructions and treatment advice.  When combined with a Facial Buf Puf Sponge or a Clarisonic brushI’ve found them to be the absolute best acne treatment available-including better than most all prescription skin care products. My Ultimate Acne Solutions Skin Care Kits contain:
  • foaming cleansers that go deep into pores to deliver glycolic acid and salicylic acid to help cleanse and prevent clogged pores,
  • oil controlling skin wipes that contain powerful oil removing ingredients and that also deliver the pore cleaning ingredients salicylic acid and glycolic acid,
  • medicine that kills the acne causing bacteria p. acnes- medicated benzoyl peroxide, which has been shown in scientific studies to be more effective than topical prescription antibiotics.
Again, because my acne treatment system is so strong, I’ve created 2 levels: one for people with sensitive skin or who have never used strong levels of the active ingredients before and so who need to test their skin’s tolerance.  The second is for tolerant skin.  I recommend using the cleanser with a Facial Buf Puf or the Clarisonic Pro to add physical exfoliation and help the medicines penetrate even deeper into the skin where they’re needed.  OTB Skin Acne Treatment Kit and a Facial Buf Puf or Clarisonic Pro is, in my 25 years of experience as a dermatologist, the best topical acne treatment system and get’s the best results. Purchase the Ultimate Acne Solutions Skin Care Kit for Sensitive Skin or Ultimate Acne Solutions Skin Care Kit for Tolerant Skin.

Start your acne treatment now, before school starts and have clearer skin throughout the school year.

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