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best cold weather skin care

How to Prevent Chapped Hands

best cold weather skin careYou need to start taking good care of your hand skin right now to prevent the seasonal chapping, dryness, and cracking of winter. This means:
  • no more drying soaps,
  • using a hand cream after washing, and
  • getting your dry-hand 911-response products ready.
I’ve got the right products in a turn-key kit to keep your hands healthy and hydrated all winter. Start using the products now and you’ll be set – really! No more itchy, cracked, painful hand skin.

Click here for my Dry Hand Skin Repair Kit.

Dry Hand Skin Repair Kit How do you make this convenient so that you can take proper care of your hand skin? Keep my favorite foaming and non-drying cleanser at every sink that you commonly use for hand washing. Keep my non-greasy hand cream right next to the soap. It will be convenient for you to succeed and properly care for your hands to prevent hand dryness. Keep my sturdy therapeutic cotton gloves and the little tin of Bag Balm in your bathroom. The minute your hands start to feel just the slightest bit dry or tight give them a few minute soak in warm water (or take your shower or bath), coat them in a little Bag Balm, cover with the gloves, and let it all soak in. It's really easy to do this before you go to sleep at night. In the morning, your hand skin is soft, supple, and ready for another day. Remember, hand sanitizers dry out your hands! As we enter cold and flu season, you’re going to be reaching for the hand sanitizers and you're going to see them everywhere. DON’T put them on the backs of your hands where your skin is thinner and more prone to drying out – unless of course you touched germs there. And DO use my Dry Skin Hand Care Kit products to keep your hand skin healthy and able to stand up to drying alcohol-based hand sanitizers. I’ve written clear and concise use instructions for you and they're included with my Dry Hand Skin Care Kits, so you’ll know just how I teach my patients the good hand skin care practices to keep their hand skin healthy. Photo: Thanks and gratitude to RawTrigger