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How To Look Like a Model

You see extraordinarily gorgeous people everyday in the media. How do they get so beautiful? What are their tricks? When you look in the mirror after you've done your hair and makeup, why don't you look like them? Do you feel a little pang of disappointment and inadequacy? You look different than the models and celebrities who are constantly photographed flaunting their otherworldly beauty? Does a brief excuse run through your mind?  Is it because you're getting older, they have access to all the best tricks, you always had skin problems, weight problems or a facial shape that just wasn't perfect.  Is that why you can't ever seem to look like them? But wait, do you wonder where these gorgeous people are?  Why isn't there at least one in your town from time to time?   They have to grow up somewhere.  Don't the ones in pictures go to the grocery store, yoga class, drive cars?  How many have you personally seen in the last 10 years? Here's the secret. This really beautiful woman is on billboards.  She's one of the modern icons of beauty that we all measure ourselves against.  In this brief video she shows you how she does it. Watch it and learn how you too can be a flawless, model-gorgeous beauty for the camera.