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How to Have "Fab" Skin Over 50

Having fabulous skin when you're over the age of 50 is possible with just a few simple steps!  

My top skin care tip for how to have "Fab Skin Over 50", is to combine both physical and chemical exfoliation for instant results in addition to applying a daily broad spectrum sunscreen.

dermatologist over 50 with anti-aging skin care tipsI am an "over 50" dermatologist who has been treating "over 50s" for more than 30+ years in my medical practice. I'm actually over 60 and this is a topic I've cared deeply and personally about for years!! 

Everyone knows that physical exfoliation using gritty facial scrubs and body exfoliants instantly brightens and smooths your complexion. Did you know that combining this with chemical exfoliation will get you so much more?

What is chemical exfoliation of your skin?

Chemical exfoliation means using active skin care ingredients that help loosen dead skin cells. These ingredients are called keratolytics. They may also change the dead skin cell layer to tighten and compact it; it's like using your own cells to polish your skin surface to a dewy luster.

When you use a chemical exfoliation ingredient, such as professional levels of glycolic acid, you will also increase hylauronic acid inside your skin for deep moistening and improvement of texture and tone.  This helps keep your skin looking great and reduces the appearance of aging.

Use professional Glycolic Acid Face Cream and Glycolic Acid Body Lotion to get results fast. 

dermatologist's tip to get smooth younger body skin fastA great combination of physical and chemical exfoliation for the body is my Ultra Fast Body Smoothing Triple Action Kit!

Add a retinoid product to your facial care routine and see an even greater transformation of your over-50 skin. You can drop the appearance of years in just a few months when you add the chemical exfoliation of a retinoid to that of glycolic acid.  

best retinol to fight skin agingMany of my patients use the combination of my Glycolic Acid Face Cream and my Retinol Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream.   I usually have them use the glycolic acid during the day and the retinoid as a night treatment.  It is also possible to top the Retinol with the Glycolic Acid Cream at night.

Expert's 3 tips to use retinol and glycolic acid together to fight facial skin aging.

If both are new products for you, be careful because your skin will need to adjust to these powerful products.  

  1. Start with one of these powerful products and let your skin adjust for about a month.  
  2. Once you think your skin has adjusted, slowly add the second product.
  3. If any irritation develops, take a break then resume when your skin has had more time to adjust.

Powerful, professional skin care is transformative, and like a physical fitness routine, you need to build up slowly. It's worth the effort!

All skin care experts agree that you MUST wear a broad spectrum sunscreen 365 days a year too, especially if you are using professional anti-aging skin care products.

Professional products can make your skin very sensitive to the sun so make sure that you're applying sunscreen every day- even in the winter!

Remember, being over 50 doesn't mean you can't have fabulous skin!  Just a few simple steps each day as part of your skin care routine and you too can have "Fab Skin Over 50"! If you want to learn more, check out these related posts,