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ask a dermatologist about skin problems

How to Get Rid of Blemishes and Pimples

ask a dermatologist about skin problemsDear Dr. Bailey, I have had pimples and red blemishes (from previous pimples?) for some time. I am 30 yrs old now, so I desperately want my skin to clear so I don't have to keep using so much make-up to cover them up all the time. ;-( I sweat a lot and, as soon as my body temperature rises, I start sweating on my T zone within minutes!!!! However, I wouldn't say my skin is sensitive. I live in Auckland, New Zealand and am interested in trying your products!! Please, could you recommend what products I should try? Thanks very much, Veronica ;-)   Hello Veronica, There are different reasons why a person gets "blemishes," so the best place to start is by being seen by a dermatologist in New Zealand and getting an accurate diagnosis. The acne articles I’ve written on my blog describe some of the types of acne and, as you will see, each of the different types needs particular treatments. Here are a few posts that are worth looking over to better understand the different types of acne:

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How to Get Rid of Pimples

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For the most common type of acne (acne vulgaris), I typically start my patients on my Acne Treatment Kit. Unless they know that they can tolerate strong levels of benzoyl peroxide and glycolic acid, we'll begin with the Sensitive Skin Acne Treatment Kit. The levels of the active ingredients in my Sensitive Skin Kit work great for acne. Besides, it's not always necessary to use the higher levels, plus it’s a safer start because acne medicines can be irritating.

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Dermatologist recommended Acne Treatment Products Kit

I also like to add either a Buf Puf Facial Sponge or a Clarisonic Sonic Skin Cleansing System to help the medicines penetrate more deeply into the pores where the acne starts.

Click here for a Buf Puf Facial Sponge.

Facial Buf Puf Sponge

Click here for the Clarisonic Plus Sonic Cleansing Brush System.

clarisonic brush professional

  For a moisturizer for the drier parts of the facial skin, I recommend Daily Moisturizing Face Cream for Oily to Normal Skin for both my acne patients and for anyone with oily skin.

Daily Moisturizing Face Cream for Oily to Normal Skin

Another option is the Glycolic Acid Kit for Oily Skin, Daily Moisturizing Face Cream for Oily to Normal Skin, and Calming Zinc ® soap. That’s one of my favorite product combos for pityrosporum folliculitis. When I have a patient who says that their acne is worsened by sweat, I always look to see if I think they have pityrosporum folliculitis type of acne.  The yeast that causes this type of acne loves sweaty, oily skin.

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Glycolic acid AHA Products kit for oily skin

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It's also important to have the right oil free makeup to cover the blemishes.  My Pressed Mineral Makeup Powder gives great coverage that looks really natural - it's the perfect makeup for acne cover-up and concealer.

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The best makeup for acne and oily skin

  I hope that gives you some product ideas. Warm Regards, Cynthia Bailey MD, Dermatologist If you have questions about skin care or skin health, please send them to me using the Contact Dr. Bailey button at the top of the page. Disclaimer: Please realize that availing yourself of the opportunity to submit and receive answers to your questions from Dr. Bailey does not confer a doctor/patient relationship with Dr. Bailey. The information provided by Dr. Bailey is general health information inspired by your question. It should not be a substitute for obtaining medical advice from your physician and is not intended to diagnose or treat any specific medical problem (and is not an extension of the care Dr. Bailey has provided in her office for existing patients of her practice). Never ignore your own doctor’s advice because of something you read here; this information is for general informational purpose only.